Support dead? Move license between accounts.

Is support on extended leave or something?
The MySteinberg account where my eLicenser (with Cubase 7) is registered has an email address that no longer exists.
I created a new account and I want to transfer my license to that account. I recently purchased an upgrade license to Cubase 10.5 but I don’t want to activate it and add it to an account where I can’t read email notifications…
I can still access both MySteinberg accounts.

In hindsight I should have tried to change the email address on the old account, but of course now I can’t change it because the address already exists on the new account (even if I changed the new account email it didn’t work), so I NEED support to move the license for me, but they are sleeping.
I submitted support tickets from both my accounts 5 days ago. How many days do you usually need to wait for them to wake up?
Or is there any way I can do this myself?

AFAIK, you can remove the dongle from your old account and add it to the new. Maybe also have a look how to transfer a licence if you sell one.

i have the same issue. the email i used when i set up C5 is 13 years out of date and within My Steinberg i see no way to update the email address.

i have been waiting 2 weeks and nothing back yet.

does support actually exist?

I can change the email when I log into mysteinberg under login and security of my profile

I must have been tired/angry because I posted about this twice. Sorry about the cross-post, but I think the first post was made late in the evening in a rage, and the other post was made in the morning from work :stuck_out_tongue:

I DID get help in the other thread here:

And yes, you can change your email if you log in on your MySteinberg account, click My Profile in the menu and then Sign-in & Security to the left.
Click the pencil next to your email address to edit it.

The problem I had was I tried to change it BACK to what it was, but I guess the system didn’t like that change from A to B back to A that fast. It just worked now when I tried.
And since I now also managed to move my license, I’m grateful for the response and happy everything worked out with the license and account stuff.