Move project from iPad to iCloud

I have one project saved on my iPad and four saved in my iCloud account. I want to move the one on my iPad to the iCloud folder. I know how to export it, but it will still be in the “On My iPad”.

Try moving it in the Files app, rather than doing it via Dorico itself.

That’s helpful thanks. I didn’t realize that there are Dorico folders on my iPad and in iCloud. I kept looking in the wrong places.

I’ve just tried moving the file as per your instructions @dspreadbury but now something very odd is happening.

  1. The files still show in ‘recent projects’ and open
  2. Viewing as ‘file details’ rather than icons view shows the file path as still the old path name.
  3. Having moved the files to iCloud I can see them but if I tap on the ‘icloud’ tab rather than the ‘Recent projects’ the files I’ve moved to iCloud do not show.

I could send screen shots but there’d be several, and as this is my first posting on the forum, I thought best not. I’ve restarted Dorico but it doesn’t seem to want to see the files that are in the iCloud.

This is an old problem, that they don’t seem to want to do anything about. Syncing with desktop is a complete mess. iCloud can not be relied upon, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, because it puts files in two different directories, and import/export can leave you with multiple copies of the same file, if you are not careful to delete old files.

Welcome to the forum, Mark. Dorico should be clever enough to work out that the project is no longer located in the app’s own storage, which appears in the Hub under the On My iPad tab, particularly after a restart.

Dorico doesn’t really manage files on its own: it is completely reliant on the operating system for these functions. It can open projects from any location it has access to, and it uses Open In Place (an iOS technology) to be able to save files in the same location from which it is opened. So saving a project should not cause a copy of the project to be saved.

The trouble with saving to iCloud is, that if you create a new file on the iPad it will not be placed on iCloud Drive and so can not be located anywhere outside of iPad-Dorico, neither on the iPad itself nor on a Windoes PC.
Please observe the difference between iCloud test and Vemödalen 4 in the following screenshot. iCloud test was created today on iPad-Dorico, latest version, whereas Vemödalen 4 was created on iPad-Dorico in a much earlier version. iCloud test can be found in iCloud Drive in Dorico but not in iCloud Drive in Finder, whereas it is the other way round with Vemödalen 4. iCloud Drive in iPad-Dorico and iCloud Drive in Finder (and PC) simpy use two different directories. Stated differently: Dorico saves to iCloud but not to iCloud Drive, which is merely a subset of iCloud. And that makes iCloud useless to sync between iPad and desktop.

For me, I find that if I set Dorico for iPad to create projects in iCloud Drive by default, when I create a new project, it will be saved inside the Dorico folder inside the iCloud Drive folder. That’s where it appears in the Files app, and the project appears immediately on both of my iPads. It takes longer, for some reason, for iCloud Drive on my Mac to reflect the change, but as I understand it this is a common complaint from Mac users about iCloud Drive, and again isn’t anything specifically to do with Dorico itself.

Mine don’t. They are saved somewhere else in iCloud, outside of iCloud Drive.

I can’t readily explain that. You definitely created them directly in Dorico for iPad, with the option in Preferences set to iCloud Drive?

Yep. I have had Preferences set to iCloud Drive ever since it became available. I created the iCloud test file in Dorico for iPad just to be able to document its file path.

If I delete the app and reinstall it, I will lose all files, right? I can copy the files in On My iPad > Dorico, but what about the files that have been saved to iCloud? I can’t access those outside Dorico for iPad. Will I lose those?

I wouldn’t recommend deleting and reinstalling the app, since there’s no setting in the app itself that would be responsible for this. Projects saved in iCloud should be safe from deletion, but I wouldn’t want to risk it. Perhaps what we need is a way to move projects to iCloud Drive. I’ll talk to the team about this and see if it’s something we can look at.

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I’ll chime in here with this screenshot of Dorico and the iCloud Dorico folder:

Where is the Violin Sonata stored? It’s showing in the Dorico iCloud folder but not in the ‘selector’ in Dorico App…

Well, on the face of it, it’s stored in the Dorico folder inside iCloud Drive, but I can’t tell you why it’s not appearing in Dorico’s own list. Presumably you can open it from the Files app with no problem?

I can, yes, but there’s an item in the list which is in the Dorico file list but is not in the Folder, this one is even more mysterious:

I have searched for the file on my iPad and the iCloud Dorico folders. It’s not there.

I’m not convinced Dorico is reading folders correctly, and is worrying that it’s putting files in places I can’t see…

It does not. Dorico points to a different iCloud directory than iCloud Drive, one that cannot be accessed anywhere but from within Dorico. At least, for some users.

I have a directory in my iCloud account named “Dorico”. All my projects are there.

I think that in the past I have encountered other iOS apps that keep user data in hidden iCloud directories that I can’t view with the Files app. That’s annoying, since I think that the data still counts against my iCloud quota for file space.


I did a little searching using Terminal app and found this:
Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 12.39.36

The files are hidden files - in more technical speak “dot” files. Why Dorico would want to save a file with a dot in front of the name beats me.

So the files are ‘there’.

There’s two iCloud folders
Mobile Documents/iCloud~com~steinberg~iosdorico/Documents


Mobile Documents/com~apple-CloudDocs/Dorico

Hoping this may be of help to @dspreadbury and the team.

And this is the proper iCloud Drive folder, which Dorico for some reason doesn’t use…

Now, this is interesting. A second iCloud Drive Dorico folder just turned up in Finder, the one with the Dorico logo.

And this one does contain all the hitherto missing files in Dorico’s iCloud Drive tab. Something has changed, and definitely to the better. :+1: