Move Selected Track(s) to the Top/Bottom of Arrangement Window KEYCOMMAND

I request that Game Changer In Disguise …

No other DAWs that I know of have this either. It could be really helpful. I move unused/disabled tracks to top all the time.
Also ‘‘Move selected track(s)to xxx folder’’ option could be useful too.

Digital Performer has this feature…

I always move my unused tracks to bottom of the project window and its hard to drag and drop it. (this was a traditional way to not see them)
but we have invisible tracks feature too you can just invisible them.

Studio one seems to have this. How do I do that in Cubase ? I can select any Folder with the Logical Editor but can not move the selected track automatically to the top of the arrangement window via a key command or macro. Any Workflow tip ? Cheers, lokotus

I have a different request, which could help with this. I call them Vertical Markers. Basically, I want the ability to navigate -vertically- with the same ease as we can now go horizontally… ie. “Go to bottom of window”, “Return to last position”, and a series of ‘markers’ you could instantly jump to. With those, you could simply select the tracks, hit Ctrl-X (cut), then hit a ‘Go to bottom’ command and hit Ctrl-V.

Of course, with these kinds of Vertical commands, you could create a macro to do exactly as you desire.