Moving a staff system

I’m trying to move one staff system from the top of one page to the bottom of the previous page, where there seems enough space for it. The excellent Dorico help on the web doesn’t seem updated everywhere for Dorico 4 (I don’t have 5); the suggestions I’ve seen can’t be followed AFAIK.

To move a whole system back a page, you need to use “make into frame” after selecting an item at the start of the previous page, and an item at the end of the system you want to move back a page.

See also (the thumbnail for this video could have been made just for you!)

That’s great help, for which thanks. Making a new frame squashed a few systems together, although I was able to untangle them, and now everything is where it should be.

Make Into Frame should have only squashed the systems you had selected onto the page. Are you saying it grabbed more than you’d selected?

No. It squashed the first two systems in the frame, after which I spaced them properly.