Moving staff systems – why

I cannot figure out how to move two staff systems back under a previous system, rather than having them show up on a following page.

I don’t see a frame break that would cause this issue, so I don’t know why it’s happening or how to fix it.

I looked at this thread and searched the manual for “Make into Frame”, but I still don’t understand what to do.

Thanks for your help, folks! The helpful people who answer questions are amazing!


EDIT: Sorry I spelled it FRAME BRAKE rather than FRAME BREAK in the screenshot. :slight_smile:

EDIT2: I could send the project to someone privately, if that would help.

Hi Eric, you just go to the Frame Break on your second page, select it’s Signpost, and down in the Properties Panel switch “Wait for next Frame Break”.
Once you have done that, the systems will be on your second page.
For us you could make another screenshot and show especially the %sign at the bottom, which will show, how full the page is. Usually it would show 100% or less, sometimes slightly over a 100%.

“Wait for Next Frame” means that everything from this Frame Break until the next gets lumped into one frame (e.g. page).

However, it is unknown why those systems are going onto a new page, without seeing the file. I would normally expect one of them, at least, to fit.

I did what you said, but it didn’t fix it. I sent you the file personally.
Thank you very much!

Here is another screenshot. Maybe it’ll help a bit. I can send you the file, too.

If you look in Galley View, you will see that there is a Frame Break,

… but you can’t see it on the page because of the tiny margins.


Excellent! Thank you.

Note to self: Look in Galley view!


Very well spotted, Sherlock :mag: :slight_smile:

To the Team: It would be useful if we could use the left & right arrow keys to select the previous and next break, as with other types of objects.