Moving automation points AND insert points to prevent change

Hi all,

When I move parts in a song (Rearranging it) and I have “Automation follows events” on, it moves the automation but it doesn’t add points to prevent changes from occuring between the parts.

Like this (In my horrid Paint example – I couldn’t bother opening Photoshop):

How can I fix this? Thanks in advance!

Cubase Automation Example.jpg


What do you want to fix here, please?

I want to move parts around and rearrange a song without the automation becoming messed up. I have a lot of automation on my tracks.


Then disable “Automation follows events”, if you don’t need this function.

I think he doesn’t want the automation changing between his parts. You could try using the virgin territory automation option.

cubase is just deficient in this regard, there is no workaround afaik other than manually fixing cubase’s mess. btw. i suggest looking into the range tool and using that to move chunks of automation around.

he wants, when moving automation around, to avoid the automation curve to ramp up/down to the adjacent automation events; instead, he’d like arbitrary automation points created on either side of the copied section to avoid this. i think thousands of people would want that actually. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t make any sense. What happens, if you already have some data in between? Or if you want to add data later? Then you will have some automation data already, which will affect the data.

Have you tried with the Range Tool?