Moving content to another drive

I’m downloading 10 now and noticed it’s a 21 GB download…jeesh. Didn’t see any options to select what you wanted to download. That’s dramatically bigger than it has been. Is there a way to move content to another drive?

You mean on install?

hi. not on install no. but you can use the library manager to relocate content to any location leaving a footprint for cubase to use… hopefully no more need for creating contect shortcuts :wink:

What and where is the library manager?

Thought that was only for Halion

You certainly can dump the library content to a different drive to the application on first install - I’ve always done that. It’s in the initial install dialogs to specify exactly what and where.

I moved all stuff in library manager to another drive but still some 10GB left on drive C, how to move this stuff?

there was not option in initial install dialogs to select another place, I remember it was in 9.5, but not in this one

Can confirm, the installer asks where you want to install the whole application, but not the content or libraries separately from the main app.

There’s a LIBRARY MANAGER… I was shocked to see an unknown logo Cubase related in my start menu.

For Windows, it should be in C>Program Files>Steinberg>Steinberg Library manager

I got the option to install content separately - application install to main drive was about 2Gig, the rest dumped off to an external drive. Maybe because there wasn’t enough space on my main drive? It complained then gave me the option to customise, as opposed to giving me the option straight away as in previous installs.

I was looking (since all my other version content is on my L: drive) when I installed 10 and did not see an option to change the path.
So it all installed to my C: drive. I then used the library manager to move it all to the L: drive.

Only issue I had, was when I opened Halion 6 standalone, it gave me a license warning, that it had removed the license for Groove Agent 5 SE.
I closed it down. Checked the licenser, then restarted Halion and it seemed fine.

Great tip about the Library Manager! Didn’t know that existed.

Looks like the Library Manager has no option to move the 10GB of samples and loops in C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\VST Sound

I manually moved mine, then loaded Cubase and waited for it to moan that is couldn’t find them. (I took a screenshot first of the files, just in case I needed to put them back).

So, first I read this…

Then, replying to @Reefius I read…

I might be missing something, but these statements seem to contradict themselves.

So, does the Library Manager actually work to move the VST Soundset, or do you need to physically move the data yourself…?

Haven’t bought/installed C10 yet (that’s this weekend’s job) but would be grateful for any clarification…!

The library manager has functions to move all the large and small vstsound libraries to any location you wish. I have just used it myself to shift all the large Steinberg libraries from my C:\ to an alternate hard drive.

Thank you for that - looking good…!

Same here. had to manually move it to another drive.
During installation, I was able to choose a path for everything except for “Loops and Sound Sets” so they are installed in default location

I’m confused! The Library Manager only lists Groove Agent and Halion stuff totalling around 10Gb. There is further 11Gb in the VST Sound folder that is not listed in Library Manager. So a) is it possible to have the Library Manager move the VST Sound files, or b) if I move the VST Sound Files manually what happens in Cubase such that it knows the new location?