Moving Dorico to a new mac

I have a new MacBook Air and I’m trying to move Dorico to the new computer. I’m not migrating my old computer because its ten years old and I want to start fresh. I’ve read everything here on the forums and the instructions on how to do it.

I downloaded the e licenser. I plugged my old activation code (from Dorico 3.5 purchased 11/2020) and got the following screen:

I don’t have a usb-elicenser and I never have. Somebody please help!


Please see Software/license reactivation (requesting new activation codes) – Steinberg Support

thanks for the reply!

However, this link is the method I was using.

Step 1: Install your Steinberg software on the new system

I really didn’t understand what this meant, since I can’t download the software without the elicenser control center. So I downloaded the licenser control center and entered my OLD activation/download code in. And that got me to that screen.

I somehow need to get a NEW soft e-licenser number.

Thanks for any help you can give.

Skip the first two steps (or install directly from Dorico 3.5 Updates and Downloads | Steinberg).

You need to log into MySteinberg and use the big red Reactivate button. That’s the thing that generates a new code.

Oh, there it is. I’ll try. Thanks.

ok. downloaded Dorico. Opened the installer and copied the new serial number.

entered it once and got this:

tried again and got this:

thanks for all this amazing help, and any more would be appreciated.


edit: just tried a third time after closing safari and reopening, recopying the serial number, and got the “cannot be reactivated” screen again

You may need to raise a support ticket (from within MySteinberg).

UPDATE: checked my email and there was the new activation code! I guess it went through but the website is a little buggy.

Just booted up Dorico 3.5.12 on my new m1 MacBook Air. First new computer since 2011.

Thanks pianoleo for magical internet customer service! Owe you a pint!