Moving drums from one .cpr to another

I’ve got project A with a fully processed drum kit.
(superior drummer 2 in this instance - 8 tracks + parallel comp + drum bus = 10 total tracks)
It sounds great, just as I like it.
I’ve got project B which started as an acoustic thing, but grew over time to become a much more complex project and now it requires drums.

My question:
Is there a way to take the drums from project A and migrate them over to project B? (At least the 8 drum tracks and all their plugins processing)
Ive made a template with just project A drums in it for future songs, but I had no idea project B would become what it did, and now I want to move the drums over without having to jump back and forth between projects adding plugins, adjusting all the values etc. etc.

Is this possible?
Or is there a half-way solution, so to speak, to help me save time?
Any help is appreciated.

Im using C9 Artist


You can Import Tracks from Project from the File menu.

I believe that feature is only available in the Pro version of C9.
I’m using C9 Artist.
Is there a workaround? Or am I stuck with manually replicating everything because I dont have the Pro version of C9?
Sucks bcuz I remember working in C5 and it had that option. :frowning:

Hi there

Cant you just export the track you want to copy from the original project, then import it into the new one, or is tht also c9 pro only, surely not???

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In the source project, select all the tracks you need and save as a Track Preset; in the traget project, Project | Add Track | Using Track Preset.

So far MrSoundman advice is the best way for C9 Artist. Appreciate the help. :slight_smile:
Still a bit of work with setting up and routing as opposed to just import/export.
An upgrade eventually will be necessary I suppose.

The problem I have is that, for Non-Steinberg instruments, Cubase only imports the MIDI notes and not the instrument and its settings, routings, colors. – at least as far as I’ve been able to see.

I’m not sure. Perhaps you might save the drums as a preset, export the tracks as MIDI files. Load Drums Preset in New Project, import the midi files. This way you have the correctly routed drums and then import the files from the Source Project into the Pool Folder, then just drag those from the pool into the project (check the tempos, etc). In Groove Agent you’d be able to save the Patterns to Pads and put that all into a Preset with routing pre-configured. I don’t know the instrument you’re working with, sorry.

I’m just kind of brain storming here and I hope there’s a little more brain than strom. Good luck.


Can you Export Selected Track in Cubase Artist and then import it as Track Archive? Or is this Cubase Pro only too?

Import only imports the midi data of 3rd party non-Steinberg instruments and it doesn’t import the routing or other settings the user may have made to the instrument in the source project. At least as far as I’ve been able to tell, that’s how it works.

After having done the track preset, one way to get the midi data from project A to project B is to copy paste them. Open both projects and while only one project can be active at a time it is still possible to copy midi (and also audio) between the projects.

While at least the MIDI can be copied, the problem is when you have, for example, a drum kit with individually assigned audio outputs for the samples, a Group Track for the whole kit, and FX track or tracks for the kit or parts of the kit. So, you can export the midi data, but all of what goes into making the “sound” of the Kit is not imported. As a result, you have either rebuild all that structure again from scratch. If you save the kit (Groove Agent SE) as a preset, sadly, that doesn’t work out so well. As far as I can tell, the Preset does not save the assigned routings and I’ve had issues with the GA Import where VST audio outputs are not created in the project.

The process is something like this.

Export selected tracks including any and all Groups and FX Tracks with Export Selected Tracks, next import from the XLM File into the Target Project. This will bring in your midi tracks, basic routing, plug-in assignments (sends). Next, Load the Instrument’s Preset, activate and rename all the audio outputs and copy the midi data to the correct midi tracks… and I’m not sure this will work exactly depending on the instrument. I’m having trouble with Cubase importing non-Steinberg instruments. I have had other problems with a project that has an imported XML File – the left and right locators stopped working (couldn’t be moved, didn’t get assigned to a selection with the “P” command), the cursor would not move during playback, regardless of setting. Some of those problems went away when the project was closed and re-opened. I have to work with this more to understand what exactly is happening here.

In an ideal world, we’d be able to drag and drop tracks from one project to another. If those tracks included Groups, Sends, Plug-ins and so on, all those would be imported and, if needed, created in the project. That is clearly not happening. There may be an optimum work-flow pattern for this situation. I certainly don’t think I’ve found one.

I discussed this and have some screen shots over at this thread: Exports and archives and Imports, oh my!, or XML Hell

The idea is simple. Take part of a given Project A and bring it into a new or existing Project B. Making this happen is rather full of twists and turns and is far from easy – at least for me, right now. I’m certainly willing to be told there’s a better way or I’m doing something wrong.

I’ll tinker around with this some more and see what I come up with. Take care all.