Moving multiple (different) notes in drum editor not possible

Hey there,
you can drag multiple hits in the drum editor up or down, as long as the hits are all on the same note.
When wanting to drag multiple hits of different notes, the animation is displayed, but the hits stay where they are.

Steps to reproduce:

  • create Midi file
  • open it in drum editor
  • enter 2 hits on different notes
  • select both hits and drag them up or down to another note
  • nothing happens


Sorry, the video doesn’t play back on my side.

Do you use any Pitch Visibility restriction?

Hey Martin, not that I know of.
Here is a screenshot, which shows, what I do in the video. I dragged from A#2 to D3:

I was able to reproduce this here on Windows 11 beta, using the GM Drum Map.

Can anyone on MacOS or Win10 check if they also have this issue?

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I cannot reproduce it here on Mac with the GM Drum map.


Thanks for confirming!
I am running Win11, but this happened also before I updated (I was running the latest Win10 release).

Everything seems ok on macintel big sur
vertical note selection of more than one note and octaves (add shift key)
horizontal selection also
pitch visibility on and off (if on, octaves are not working obv.) GM drum map.

hope it helps

To clarify, it’s dragging and dropping the notes that might be broken. Using the arrow keys is also working fine on Windows.


ok thank for the clarification
then it is the same here on the mac, arrows are ok
Maybe also @Martin.Jirsak did not try that
(same problem is with pitch selection on, but not in the movie)

did I catch it right @Romantique_Tp ?

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ps.: I would eliminate the first step to reproduce because is not Midi file related, potato potato ok but I tried opening a midi file and I could have just created a midi track and designed some notes then transforming the track into a Drum track, same problem,

I do not think could be meant as “intended” btw (referring to the other post)

Thanks for checking. Looks like this affects all platforms then.

I wanted to make sure because I checked this with Cubase 8.5 on Win11 and it didn’t work there either, but I could swear that this was working just a few years ago… I guess I just didn’t realize that this was gone.

I’ll report this to Steinberg.

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I confirm the issue on Windows.


checked it on C10.5, same issue
I could check all versions down to a v5 but went straight into the latest 5, v5.5.3
it works, if some one thinks it could be useful to check between 5.5.3 and 7.5 I can do that
check video



Okay, so it really must have stopped working from one version to the other.

I guess there was no update on this being fixed? Just noticed a user posting on reddit had the same issue and i’ve linked them to this thread.