Moving of events not possible if automation track in between (but works when copying/pasting)

This one here is bugging me now for a while, so I finally made a thread about that.

When copying events from two tracks that are directly above each other to two other tracks with automation tracks below, the events are pasted normally as expected. Same thing when copy/pasting from tracks with automation to others without, all works as expected.

Dragging events to tracks with automation (not even possible-> prohibition sign):

  1. However, this does not work when simply moving/dragging the events:
    The automation track is not ignored as expected (since it can’t contain events anyway), so moving is not possible at all and you get the prohibition sign. You’d have to drag the events one by one. The first video explains this situation.

Dragging events from tracks with automation to others without (gaps are included):

  1. If you then want to move events that are on tracks with automation underneath to other tracks without automation underneath, then the whole gap between the automation tracks and tracks is included, which makes simple moving impossible.
    Attached also a 2nd video which explains the 2nd situation.

Yes that’s a bug, I confirm ! When dragging multiple events at once, it counts the automation lanes as actual audio tracks and the dragged events keep this same same offset, making the drop impossible if at least one event lands on an automation track.
It not only does this with automation lanes but with any non-audio tracks and take lanes.

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Same here,
Cubase 12.0.20
Mac Os Catalina

should it work both ways? keep the gaps or eliminate them?

It should eliminate them.

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Definitely eliminate, like it does when cut/copy/pasting (you can see that in the videos).

Okay I was just asking since I’m fairly new to Cubase Less Than 3 months, if there will be any reason you want to preserve the gaps.