MPK249 sustain pedal mutes track in Cubase 12 pro (12.0.52)

very recently installed Cubase 12 pro—

i noticed in a new project that if i create an instrument track like halion sonic se,retrologue, etc— whenever i use the sustain pedal on my MPK249 the result is the muting of this track.

i have read similar posts from the past about generic remote issues resulting in this inconvenient (and apparently immediately fixable) anomaly— but nothing in the list(s) of currently available options seem to work in this case. i have checked “remote devices (legacy”)—midi is NOT connected to anything here.

this happens either with MPK249 or 261 selected as the midi remote device from the “Midi remote mapping assistant” (they are essentially the same aside from the # of keys)

transport, mute, sliders, etc appear to work otherwise

this does not appear to be a problem with cubase 11, any help in this matter would be most appreciated !

Seranaea Jones

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