MTC - Synchronizing DAWs

Dear Forum,

I am sending out MTC via the IAC Bus from a DAW .

Where to fetch the timecode to run dorico in Sync

In MIDI Settings I find an option to check different sources for MIDI Input, in this case the IAC Bus. BUT: It does not seem to recognize the MTC that way…

It´s okay either to send MTC from dorico into DAW for me, too, of course

How to…?


As far as I know Dorico cannot slave to timecode, but there is a way to have Dorico be the master and send it. MTC requires a third party plug in called TXL Timecode Plug-in.

It’s also possible to send SMPTE/LTC over an audio output using the video player if you have the black boxes or software to use that method.

There are several threads on the topic (getting Dorico to transmit MTC/SMPTE/ETC) throughout the forum. Check out this one:

For others do some searches similar to this one:
Search results for ‘mtc #dorico’ - Steinberg Forums

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Kind and quick answer. THX! so much.

I did all the mentioned in the given threads so far, which seems to got me running into issues

1: Logic is in Sync Mode. Blue Timeline awaiting some MTC Information
2. Dorico has got an additional channel, where I created a IAC Bus
3. Starting Dorico does not effect the playback of Logic Pro.

Of course this is not a nice to have feature, so there will be a experienced working for that.
BUT: I have no clue, what I am doing wrong here.
I can imagine checking some more boxes in dorico to make sure that a MTC is sent to IAC and add some more routing, whatsoever. In case, Where to have a look ?


Dorico doesn’t send MTC, I’m afraid, so you can’t sync Logic to Dorico’s transport at the present time.

Dorico will need to be the master transport.

You’ll need the TXL VST plugin hosted as an instrument in Dorico.

Set up a virtual MIDI port on your system. I’m not sure exactly how to do it on Mac, but it should be built into the core audio features of the OS. You might give this virtual MIDI port a name like MTC so it’s easy to locate in whatever host(s) might need the time code.

Have the instance of TXL in Dorico send MTC over the virtual MTC port. (Notice how I’ve assigned MIDI to a port called MTC, and clicked it so it highlights in bright green)

Put Logic in slave mode and have it listen to the virtual MTC port. At this point Logic should lock up with the Dorico transport. It doesn’t work the other way around though…starting/stopping/etc, must be done via Dorico’s transport controls.

Sorry, I don’t know much about Mac and Logic. Perhaps some Apple Gurus who have this working will chime in soon.

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I have used logic synced to dorico quite a lot. You’ll need the TXL -timecode plugin and a virtual midi port, logic will automatically detect the frame rate when you press play in dorico.

Some common reasons it is not working:
-there is no audio output selected in Dorico
-in logic>syncronization bar 11111 is not set to time 00:00:00:00

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it´s a tiny nightmare.

After checking around for a longer time now the playbacks are not in sync.
→ Of course, you can probably workaround all that and more, but it´s not THE WAY in 2023 for a standard, like MTC…

THX for your quick answering to get something going at least
What would be the additional costs of TXL, though?

For DAW switching: Is Cubase exclusively synced to dorico yet for film composing pros?

It’s currently listed at price of 29 Euros direct from TXL. You can get a free trial for testing (I think it works for a certain amount of time per session. During trails, if it times out, dump the instance, reload it, and try it some more).

Not that I know of.

Thus far, as of Dorico 5 and Cubase 12, there isn’t much serious ‘integration’ between the two apps.

There are a few things that can now be done ‘drag and drop’ between the two apps. I haven’t really tested it or read up much on it, but I understand there are a few things that can be drug between the two apps.

It’s possible to sync the Cubase transport to Dorico using that TXL plugin mentioned above.

If you happen to have a SMPTE/LTC to MTC/MMC box, or software, it’s also possible to mux SMPTE timecode into a video (a stripe like the old days of using tape media) and get Dorico’s transport to drive a bunch of stuff in the studio.

If you do get the transports synced, you’ll still need to manually export/import tempo/meter tracks if you want the beat/bar grids and such in your tracking DAW to match the Dorico project.

Dorico can export MIDI and XML, and Cubase can import them. For the time being, as far as I know, if you want to duplicate instrument and mixer setups in Dorico and Cubase so they match, you’ll still need to do it manually. I.E. Save vst/fxb/whatever presets of each plugin in Dorico individually, then load said instruments again and import all the settings one by one over in Cubase (Would be nice if Dorico could export Cubase loopmidi tracks…that would preserve the instrument setups at stave endpoints…but no such luck thus far that I’m aware of).

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