Multi-bar Rest issue

Hello Dorico team and fellow colleagues,
I’m having an issue with the multi-bar rests. The feature is activated in the Layout Options, and for some bars it works, for some - not.
Nothing is inserted, or hidden in the empty bars…

I would be thankful if someone is able to assist me. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

There will be something spanning that area. Perhaps a hidden dynamic?

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Try deleting the accel. poco a poco…. at bar 237, and see if the following bars consolidate into a multi-bar rest. If that happens it is possible that, somewhere before bar 201, there might be a gradual tempo marking (or dynamic eg cresc. or dim.) which has somehow had its extension line extended for many bars and also hidden. If you would like to post a cut-down version of the project which still demonstrates the problem, I am quite happy to examine it.

Hi @StevenJones01 and @Janus,
There are cresc poco a poco markings but without any extension lines.
I’ve tried to delete them all and the accelerando, too…
The problem is still there.
No hidden objects are involved, That’s why I don’t know where the problem is?!

Can you upload this section of the project?

Have you tried selecting all those bars of rest (you might need to use the System Track) and pressing Delete? If there is something else hidden, then that might get rid of it.

I see lyrics in the bottom right corner, so this must be for (women’s) choir. Check the length of the syllable under the long notes in the upper left. My guess is you may have hit the space bar to continue lyric entry after the rests, but now the last syllable in the upper left behaves as if it must be held until the sopranos start singing Ма-ри-…


There was a thread in April 2022 where I was able to help with the troubleshooting. The issue there was that a pedal marking had somehow become hidden. The way to find it was to select the problem bar(s) using the System Track and press alt-shift-left arrow. That brought it into view.

But would that explain the successful multi rests just prior to the vocal re-entry?

You’re right, I over-simplified. But still, there may be a lyric lasting way longer than the note it’s attached to.
Lyrics have their own rhythmic value and position. They behave a bit like an independent voice.

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Thank you all for the assistance! :slight_smile:
It was the syllable long line, as mentioned by @PjotrB
It should be stopped before the last note of the phrase in order not influence the normal multi-bar rest… weird?!
This should be fixed. It should be possible to extend the line to the very last note of the phrase without affecting the multi-bar rest behavior.

Greetings and Thank you all once again! :slight_smile:


I Fixed it. This solution worked, ish. I couldn’t use the track selector because I have flute parts I want to keep but selecting the rest of the instrument’s rest and pressing delete worked.

I’m having a similar problem and I don’t have any lyrics. I get that it wants to show the rehearsal marker but it should combine the rest

There is probably something in those bars rest.

Either in that particular part or in the full score, do a Select All and look for the little orange/red circle which indicates the end of a number of things including lyric extender lines, gradual tempo changes and cresc. with its Gradual style set (in Properties) to cresc. rather than cresc. . . . . .
It is possible that there is one, just out of view to the left in your screen shots, which has become extended through the 7 bars before the 16-bar multi-bar rest. If you do find a “culprit”, find out how far back it goes and either shorten the extender line or delete whatever marking it is and re-enter it. Also, turning off Hide Signposts often helps to find things, especially those which have been hidden in one way or another.

If you would like to post the project here, I can have a look at it for you.

Were you able to fix this problem?
Do you still need any assistance?
It’s always nice to know how things have turned out.

O yes, I edited my original comment to say I fixed it. The thread I liked to fixed it