multi pool files to tracks/lanes: C6.5

I originally asked a question regarding C6.0 here:

To recap, I have multiple sets of drum takes, each with multiple mics. For example:

… (total of 12 mics/tracks)

etc etc…

In 6.0 (covered in the referenced thread), I could multi-select in the pool kick01/snare01/hat01, drag them onto an empty area in the tracklist, and it would create my 12 tracks with one lane each.

Then I would select kick02/snare02/hat02, drag them onto the just-created kick track, and cubase would spread them out onto a second lane in each of the 12 tracks (snare02 is second lane on the snare track, hat02 is second lane on the hat track, etc).

(In reality, I started with my high-numbered takes and worked down, but effectively it’s the same.)

But I’m now trying to do this in Cubase 6.5. The first set I drag over works as I’d hoped, and I get one new track per file/clip.

The second set though, where I select all of the next take, seems to confuse things. It adds the correct file to the second lane of each of the first four or five or so tracks, but then seems to be skipping over some, so say the 6th track gets the 9th file, and some tracks get empty new lanes.

Has anyone seen this? Is there a better way to pull in multiple takes where each take is on the order of 12 tracks so that each of 12 tracks has the appropriate multiple lanes?

Thanks much…

Just wanted to bump. What is a workable way to drag mult-takes of multi-mic takes from the pool into cubase? In this particular case I just dragged them onto the correct tracks/lanes one-by-one (after the first take of 12 tracks) which is workable but a little tedious after 7 takes of 12 tracks each. :slight_smile:

Just wondering if there was a simpler way.


Still curious about this. Anybody doing multiple multi-mic/track takes?