pool files to lanes

Okay, what the…?? I have a bunch of files in the pool corresponding to some multi-track drum takes. So, kick1 - kick6, snare1 - snare6, etc. Let’s say 6 takes, 12 “mics” each. I wanted to pull these onto tracks for editing.

Assuming that the way to go (maybe not a good assumption, I last did drum editing in VST5 and it was very different) is to make 12 tracks in the project (kick, snare, etc). Then I’d have one lane on each track per take.

But how the heck do you get those files from the pool all lined up onto the correct lanes? Is “one at a time” the only way? I tried things like:

  • make my 12 tracks (one per “mic”) in the track list, one above the other
  • select all 12 files from take 1 in the pool
  • drop onto the top track
  • select “different tracks” when it asks if I want same track or different
  • hope they cascade down onto lane one of each track: 1st file to lane one of first of 12 tracks, second file to lane one of second of 12 tracks, etc (it seems like it did this fine in C5 when I was experimenting)

However, it instead puts some of them in lane one of some of the tracks, but it skips some and in the end only uses some of the tracks. It sort of did every other file, except for the last. It put files 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 12 onto tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Huh?

It seems I’m missing something! Any hints? Pointers to manual pages are welcome as well.


Try dropping the clips after (beneath) the last track in your project. Then cubase will create extra tracks for you.

Okay, wow, yeah, that worked. One caveat, I needed to drop the sets of takes into the track list in reverse order, since the latest set you drag over seems to get lane 1 and the other lanes get pushed down.

I wonder why it didn’t work when I manually created the tracks ahead of time? Is this documented anywhere in the manual? Seemed like everything I found that talked about lanes sort of assumed you had done cycle recording to get there.