Multi-tremolo when one note is a tie doesn't work

If you try to insert a multi-tremolo for two notes, but the second selected note has a tie, Dorico, even though the resulting duration is the same as the first note, will not apply the tremolo.
The solution is simple: force the duration of the second note with the “O” key.

However you may want to fix this behavior.

This has been explained frequently. It does not need to be ‘fixed’.

I checked the other threads, but I’m not sure whether it’s the same issue.
I don’t want the result to be a tremolo tied to following notes. I’m simply not able to apply the tremolo if the second selected note has a tie due to the meter, even though it has the same duration of the first.

eg.Trouble with multinote tremolos

Ok, thanks.
By the way, yes, it should be fixed, but whatever, it’s definitely not a big deal.

I respectfully disagree (and have been for years) but I understand it is not at the top of the priorities pile.


I’m with Marc on this. If the two notes match length, according to Dorico’s philosophy applying a tremolo should work regardless of ties.