Multichannel VST Channel Deselection Bug 9.5.4 - especially problematic with CC 121

Hi There,
here is the Bug Descrpition:

  1. Create MultiOut VST (Kontakt or VSL)
  2. Create Midi Channel and route it to a MutliOut VST
  3. Create Audio Channel
  4. Select Midi Channel and push Edit Button at bottom of the Inspector to get to the Channel Strip of MultiOut VST. So far so good. CC 121 works as expected. After switching to Multiout VST Channel via Edit Button the Fader jumps from Midi Channel Volume to VST Volume
  5. Now select Audio Channel. CC121 Fader doesn’t jump to the Volume of Audio Channel.
  6. Select Midi Channel. CC121 Fader doesn’t jump to the Volume of Midi Channel.
    The Problem is that the Channel of MultiOut VST is still selected. You can see it in the mixer.
    The Fader of CC 121 is stuck at the volume of Multi Out VST and doesn’t swich to another channels anymore because it thinks VST is still selected.
    Here is the Video
    Please fix. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have further qustions.


I cannot reproduce it. I have different behaviour in step 4. When I click to the “e” button of the MIDI Track (routed to the MultiOut VSTi; HSSE with MultiOut enabled in my case), the Channel Settings window of the MIDI Track appears. Not any MultiOut VST, so not the Channel Settings window of the Instrument track.

In the Step 4 I click on the Edit Button at the Bottom of the inspector, not on the one on the top.
The Edit Button in the Top of the Inspector Strip is referring to the Settings of the Midi Channel. That’s correct, but it is not what I mean,
The Edit Button at the Bottom of the Inspector Strip is referring to the one of the Audio Multi-Outs. That’s where the
above described behavieour occures.
Would you please test it as well?
Thank you in Advance!!!


I’m sorry, I still can’t reproduce it.

I have the MIDI track routed to the HSSE Out 2. From your step 4:
4. Select the MIDI track.
-> The fader jumps to -oo, where the MIDI Track Volume is.
5. Click to the Edit Instrument Channel Settings of the MIDI Track.
-> The fader jumps to 0dB, where the fader of the Return Channel is.
6. Click to the Audio Channel.
=> The fader jumps to -6dB where the Audio channel is.

Could you please make one more video? Don’t use a camera, use screen-recording app. In the lower Zone, show the MixConsole. Then we can see, where the focus is, so which channel volume should be transferred on CC121.

Hi Martin,
I just did a screen capture. I am new to the screen capturing game, so the quality is not that good. But you can clearly see what is happening
(OSC Capturing made my PC a little bit slow)
As you can see, Kontakt Out Channel stays selected even when selecting audio channel above.
In Cubase 9.0.4 at the same system I don’t have this behaviour at all. In 9.0.4 everything works flawless.

Cubase 9.5.4 behaves as described and captured above.

May be I should add that I jumped straight ahead to 9.4.5. So installed 9.5 and 9.4.5 Update afterwards. I have not used 9.5.2 or 9.5.3.
By the way, selecting and de-selecting VST Outs routed to Midi Channels doesn’t work properly with Nuendo 8.3 as well.

It seems to be not the problem of CC 121 per se. It the way how both programs handle the switch between selected midi channel and
the output of the VST routed to this midi channel. Both channels (midi and VST Out) are still selected at the same time in the mixer.


Thank you for the video. Now it’s clear. And yes, you are right. The problem is not on CC121 side. The problem is the selection, and as you pointed out, the problem is, that the Audio Return Channel stays selected.

This is an known issue of Cubase 9.5.x. When the Folder is collapsed, and you select any track out of the folder, the track inside of the track stays selected. Expectation is, that the track would become unselected. As a consequence CC121 still shows the state of this selected Audio Return Channel in your case. (It wasn’t visible on the video, but in the other project, the VST Instruments folder is above the other tracks, so the selected Audio Return Channel is the first selected track, so CC121 shows the values of this Channel).

Dear Martin,
Thank you for your extensive answer. Is Nuendo Developer Team aware of this issue as well?
Should I inform them? Nuendo Forum hast not a dedicated Issues subforum.
Any chance this issue would be fixed in the following versions of Cubase 9.5.X regarding the fact, that Cubase 10 is just around the corner.


Yes, Cubase and Nuendo teams are aware about this issue.

Unfortunately I don’t know if/when this will be addressed.

Is this still an issue in Cubase 10? I’m tempting to buy one second hand, but if it won’t work correctly in 9.5/10 I’'ll wait.




Unfortunately yes, still an issue in Cubase 10.