Multiple problems

Hi @augustus1 and welcome to the Community!

If you search the forum you will find often the answers you are looking for.
For example: Tie between flows

To have a tied note between last note of a flow and the first note of next flow you can use laissez vibrer tie in the properties panel (apply it to both notes and adjust it’s position in engrave mode). This will not be an actual Tie, so you will hear the note repeating, but if you are looking for the representation of the tie this method works. You can then adjust the time gap between flows in Playback options/Timing

What do you mean by that? can you explain more?

Again can you explain more? The best is always to post the Dorico project, referencing the points where the problem arises, and giving the steps you made to reproduce it, so we can help quickly, as described here Four simple guidelines to help us help you

[Edit] @augustus1 I made (here below) an example to fake a new flow, as you described as second possibility (even if I would not reccomend this method just for a tie between the flows…!) . Look at it, also in engrave mode, page templates.
-create frame break on bar 38
-I created a “fake first” page template (but actually should be named fake flow heading :wink: ) It is based on “first”, but you have to remove all the text frames and recreate a text frame with a custom text where you write the nr. and name of the movement using Flow Heading paragraph Style , otherwise all what you input in it is linked to the original “first” page),
-indented the firs staff in engrave mode
-resetted the bar count and hide the first bar (in the original bar 38), right click on it and change to bar 1, then hide it in properties panel

Hope it helps :slight_smile:
tie between flows with fake flow header.dorico (540.6 KB)