Tie between flows

Hi, is there any possibility to tie notes between flows?

I have two movements that are played attacca (with no pause in between) and there are some voices are supposed to be tied to the beginning of the next movment. Since Dorico handles movement as separate flows, is there any way to tie notes into the next movement?

This is an example: the ending of movement I

The beginning of next movement

This is made in Finale, so I wonder how should I handle this in Dorico


The current best practice is to use Laisser vibrer ties in the properties panel and adjust them in engrave mode.

Thank you. I thought about that too. What about the beginning of the second movement? the note there is supposed to tied back to previous system. Any idea how to make this happen?

Again, use a lv tie and move it backwards in Engrave. (I find it quickest to use the offset properties in the lower panel to do this, rather than dragging)

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Sounds very risky and could be messed up when the layout moves, but okay, if that’s the only work-around. Thanks for the answer.

It could only be messed up by a layout change if you movement started somewhere other than the start of a system. Highly unlikely!

In my experience these engraving adjustments are in Dorico much more stable than its competitors.

why not simply make it one flow?

As an alternative to using laissez vibrer ties at the beginning of a movement, you could enter grace notes tied to the normal notes which follow as shown in the first staff below. In engrave mode, select the grace notes, set their scale to normal and hide their stem, noteheads and ledger lines as shown in the second staff. Finally, adjust the start offset of the ties from the grace notes and move the first beat of the movement to the left in note spacing mode as shown in the third staff:


Wow, that’s awesome. Thank you for such a smart idea!