Multiple techniques (staves with varied number of staff lines for a single player)

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Please correct me if I am missing something: I understand it is not yet possible in Dorico to dynamically change the number of staves for a single player and that the workaround is to add instruments to that player, which feature the desired number of staves (after having possibly edited them in the .xml file). In this way, however, even if I have only a few instruments but each has say five, three and single line staff instruments for various playing techniques, the whole session gets rather crowded very quickly with a lot of scrolling in the galley view. What would be the best workflow for this situation? Is there for example a way to hide instruments on the flow basis?

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You might find these two threads helpful:

In short: we know this is important, and we do intend to address it, but it’s not likely to happen in the Dorico 4.x timeframe.

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Thanks Daniel!

Daniel, is there a way to avoid the automatic instrument change labels to appear each time the staff (instrument) changes? In other words in layout options something like: Allow instrument changes + Instrument names to use in change labels: none.

And to not have the change of instrument happen automatically in advance before the actual music comes?

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There was a thread about exactly this just last week.

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Thank you, Mark! I missed that one…