Multirests in Parts

I attach a snippet of a score and the a corresponding part. I would like to remove the multirest notation in the part so that it looks like the score.Is this possible?

Interesting slur design. I see the logic behind it …

Well, you can’t easily misread it as a tie!

Sorry - they are meant to be ties!! This is an xml import from Sibelius.

This looks like a bug to me, I’m afraid. A bar rest with a pause on it shouldn’t be consolidated into a multi-bar rest. We’ll fix this as soon as we can.

Thanks Daniel. I will await the fix.

I have searched for the answer for this, I really have. Apologies if this has already been asked an solved.

Multi-bar rests in parts. Is there a way to split them on other places than on rehearsal marks? Sometimes it’s nice to split multi-bar rests according to the frasing of the music, for example.

No, at the moment you cannot split multi-bar rests except where Dorico chooses to split them, which it does according to the established conventions for how multi-bar rests should be split. I expect in future we will be able to provide tools to allow you to both force a multi-bar rest where Dorico doesn’t think there should be one, and to split one at a point where Dorico thinks it should remain a single rest.

That will be useful in due course, Daniel. I find that my version of “Broadway Layout” makes for very sight-readable parts. Generally 4 bars to a system (8 if in 2/4 or 3/4) whether there are notes or just multirests. Or 3,5,6 or 7 bars if that’s the length of the phrase.

Here is another possible bug:

I haven’t quite gotten to the end of the score yet (I added several measures in the beginning). The multi rest breaks after 24 bars (6/8 time), then shows 1 bar of rest, then “Tacet al Fine”
multi rest.png

Probably there’s a hidden time signature at the point at which the multi-bar rest is split. Try deleting the barline at the point where the multi-bar rest ends, and that might sort it out.

I tried what you said, and it did not fix the issue.

Here is another screen shot of after I fixed the issue.
multi rest 2.png

Heh, making things worse rather than better. Zip up the project and attach it here, and I’ll take a look.


If you don’t mind, talk to András… I am sending him the file now through e-mail for another unrelated issue.



The part in question was the Soprano 2 part.


András and I looked at this, and the problem, as I suspected, is indeed due to hidden time signatures lurking around in e.g. bars 31 and 32. Deleting the barline itself at the point at which the multirest is split fixes the problem. We plan to make it more obvious that a hidden time signature is lurking around by showing a signpost in this situation.

Thanks Daniel,

I deleted the bar line where it broke the multi rest. I then added it back in. I deleted the bar lines either side, as well, and added those back in.

Sounds like a good solution.

How does a hidden time signature get created? I swear I didn’t do anything that I thought would add one in.



I got home and began playing with the “hidden time signature” you mentioned. I learned how to unhide the time signature. I went to delete it, and it would not delete. I clicked on the time signature and it turned orange. I then hit the delete key on the keyboard. It appeared to be deleted, but clicking on the bar line and looking at the properties panel shows a hidden tim signature. Unhiding it, and hitting delete again appeared to delete the time signature, but it did not. I kept unhiding it, then I kept hitting delete, and it never went away.


And to add on to this, I erased music all the way to the second bar of the 6/8. I tried to trim flow, and it does not work.

I took Quicktime screen capture movies of me doing it, if you want to see it. As well as a few other movies showing how I could not delete the hidden time signature.


In doing some more playing around, I am unable to trim about the last 20 bars or so, because everyone of the bars has a hidden time signature. I try to delete them, and some go away, but most do not.

I am befuddled.