Multitouch Support

I know people have asked for this before but I have a new spin on this request. Most assume this is only for touch screens but the Logitech Wireless Touchpad brings multitouch to the pc. I find it a great adjunct to the mouse. That is why I am requesting this feature, also to let it be known, this is a great, useful and not too expensive hardware device. I currently use it to zoom in on audio for editing with the 2 finger spread. It also works for down/up scrolling but does not work for sideways scrolling. The 2 finger sideways scroll as I can do in my web browsers would be nice to have in Cubase.



And I know the wining of all the self proclaimed “pros” who don’t want this, because it may make their EUR 999.999,- investments into tons of controllers obsolete (and they can’t use that to feel superior to us peasants anymore), together with their shallow pseudoarguments against it…

But the time is right! Multitouch is the way to go!

Funny you should mention it. I see it as complementing hardware control surfaces, rather than replacing them — there are some tasks where having your fingers obscure the screen is a PITA. But whatever the reasons, I’d love to see it implemented :slight_smile:

I have been using my left hand on the touchpad and right hand on the mouse at the same time. The two finger side scroll is what I request for Cubase. I rarely need to scroll sideways in my web browser but frequently in Cubase. It’s good the up/down works in Cubase and especially the zoom.

Cubase must have the console at least multitouch

And more. The HoloLens will be out soon.

Microsoft wrote:

“While we’ve made incredible advances as an industry in the way in which we interact with computers, we are still constrained by the need to conform to the ways computers recognize our commands through mouse clicks or by touching a screen. Using holograms, you can pin your digital content, such as apps, information, and even multi-dimensional videos, in the physical space around you, so you can interact with them in the same ways that you interact with other physical objects.”

The Cubase mixer will be a real mixer for everyone! Imagine that. The future looks really exciting.

I imagine having a long table with the holographic Cubase mixing console on it. At other times it could be a large flat touchscreen or both. Steinberg should take note and begin working on this immediately. Leave space for my real computer keyboard. I like the feel of it. Built-in to the virtual console, a place for my Logitech gaming keyboard.

+1 proper multitouch PLEASE…

I’m using a 23" touchscreen with the C8 for the Mixer , inserts, eq’s and Instruments… And the current touch implementation in C8 is dreadfull. i’ve resorted to program some scripts in a feble attempt to try and remedy the worst of the broken touch issues…

For those who are interested, according to the developers commenting on this thread — — work on DTouch for Cubase (Windows only I believe at this stage) is “99% complete”.

…and the manufacturer tells me this is now “100% complete” :slight_smile: Now all I need is a multitouch monitor!


Hahaha, Studio One has it now. :smiley:

Thats so funny - it’s always the same, the dinosaurs are so stuck in their old ways (and ideas, code base, etc…) so new companies have to lead the way.

I mean, the child fell into the well when the new mix console was designed and developed without multitouch in mind - did seriously no one @ Steinberg even have a smartphone or a tablet at this time?

Come on, it was quite clear already 5 years ago that we would get widespread touch screens also on PCs.

In general, to all software vendors:

Open your minds, let new and younger people raise their voices and listen to them, don’t get stuck in your old ideas, because progress will inevitably turn them into misconceptions.



Yes, I want multitouch, too. And a tablet version which has larger buttons and extra buttons which makes things easier instead of going through menus.

What about a new panel for a touch screen inside Cubase, like the mixer panel, but blank. The user can design his own interface, with sliders, knobs, buttons, and text fields like the name of the track, names of the quick controls, always updated according to the choosen track. Third party software for this has always the problem of communicating with Cubase, but a seperate panel inside Cubase has not.
I don’t think making the existing software touchscreen friendly is necessary, but giving the user an alternative way of controlling Cubase, like in Windows 8, could be very nice.
The user who doesn’t want touch wouldn’t even be aware of this feature.
Maybe a Steinberg forum, where users can post their layouts, very interactive…
Only problem today ist the lack of Mac touchscreen support, and as Cubase is a program for Windows and Mac…
I still think this would be a killer feature.


Sorry, I forgot,
imagine a button for every articulation in your expression maps, that updates his name, depending on the choosen instrument and its articulations. I doubt that even the custom build touchscreens at Remote Control Productions have such a feature.


Speaking of dtouch, have you seen this?

The best part, is that the developers are truly open to suggestions, I have mailed them mine, and maybe you can send them yours…

Three interesting threads

and SOS Multi-touch Music Software For Windows
Muitltouch and mouse should happily co-exist!

Another huge +1 for multitouch support in Cubase.
Multitouch screens have become quite affordable, and they make life so much easier.

It seems pretty clear to me that Steinberg’s mixer redesign was gearing up for multi-touch support. I have to imagine 8.5 or 9.0 will get this feature, but I also wonder if the hold-up has been that Cubase is cross-platform and Macs don’t do touch screens (at least not natively, I don’t know about third-party options). Now that the MMCSS bug has been squashed and we have support on Windows 10, I think we’re going to see rapid adoption (Win10 is even beating Win7 in early adoption rates). I am impatiently awaiting the replacement of my Mackie MCU Pro with a pair of Acer T272HUL displays, but I just can’t justify it until I can put all 10 fingers on the Cubase mixer faders. I also have to wonder, even if we do get multi-touch in Cubase, will plugins need to have multi-touch added to use it on their GUIs?

Try PQLABS overlay on any 36 Inch or greater standard LED TV with 1920x1080 minimum native resolution. Then load Dtouch software and you get this…

I already use Cubase with my touch screen. But it’s a pain at the moment. Please do something here!