Multitrack Wrap editing Issue Error

Hey I have this issue, I was trying out the new multitrack wrap editing feature in cubase and it looked like it was working out fine until I started hearing some phase issues while editing (with phase co-herent mode on) and loud white noise spike and mixer window meter fully maxed with no audio… very strange, and the big bug for me when I made it through a whole song and I wanted to commit I bounced the selection and got this messege

:There Was a file error during bounce, function had to be cancelled. from that everything froze and I had to force quit the application. Anyone know a solution or had the same issue?


I also had the same issue, at least the maxed mixer with no signal.
I duplicated the folder with the tracks, deleted the old ones and this seemed to be a workaround for now.

Also I must add that the two (piano tracks in my case) were routed to a group. Not sure it is relevant though.

Hey the bounce error happens when using the phase coherent option - normal option works normally.
It was already confirmed by one of the Steinbergs devs that its a bug and should be fixed for the next maintenance update.

Phase coherent option playback stutter and freeze when using crossfades - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

should I not have it on when I bounce too to maintain phase relationship between takes? or what is this function for, Im not familiar with that phase co-herent word haha.

So, I upgraded to 12.0.20 Build 263, I was able to bounce without issue, but it seems like the system is having a tough time afterwards. In this case, it was 9 tracks of drums that got the Phase Coherent Audio Warp treatment inside of the folder track, is this not the correct procedure? After they bounced, I turned off Phase Coherent warp… still, I feel like I need to restart the system… anyone else experience this?

I upgraded to 12.0.20 as well, it still gave me the “file error during bounce” and hung the app. Had to force quit. Since the warp markers were already created, I turned them off, and turned off group editing, and the bounce worked without error. Since the warp markers were already created, does turning off the phase coherent option before bounce disable the whole phase coherent thing? Or does it retain it still since the warp markers were already created? The bounced files seemed to sound fine and didn’t have any strange or noticeable artifacts…