MusAnalysis, a new font for RNA and functional symbols

Hi Dan, I am trying to write a V4-3 (and a V74-3).
My configuration in Dorico for this is: Library → Paragraph Styles → Lyrics → Font: MusAnalysis

However, when I write -, it goes to the next note, so I cannot write 4-3.
What should I do?

I believe there is another character that I added that does the same thing and avoids the advancing behavior of the hyphen, but it’s been so long that I’ve forgotten what it is. The documentation should tell you.

You might also try a non-breaking hyphen, Opt-hyphen, but I don’t know if that works here.

Found it. It is . (dot)
However, how do you visually extend the line?
I tried adding more dots and I got this

You place the 3 at the next position and add a trackback line. It’s in the documentation. I think it’s an exclamation point.

I’m late to the party on this, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I’ve been using text and using Finale Numerics for this, which is clunky and time-consuming, and this is SO much easier to use. Many, many thanks from a very happy new customer.

In case anyone’s wondering, I changed the lyrics translation font to MusAnalysis. Now if Dorico would let you un-choose lyric extensions under paragraph styles so I could have them back on the real lyric . . .

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Thanks for the feedback! Glad it’s helpful.