[Music] HornForHire's son - Blue Spider

Hello everyone,

I’ve recorded a song with my son, a ten year old tenor player. :sunglasses:
He wrote the melody himself, and played the tenor part. I wrote and played the backing.

We had a lot of fun doing this! :smiley:

Have a listen to Blue Spider

Wim & Jeroen

Hiya Wim, a chip off the old blockhead eh? :mrgreen:

Give the nipper a well done, from me. If he plays that well at 10, he got the world by the 'nads. :sunglasses:

what a great thing, father and son joined in jazz. sounds cool.
not an easy genre, hes gonna be great

Hey Wim,

You should be proud. What a great way to share. And the result sounds great.

yeh thats ace ,he was right on them changes when he was doing the solo.that would make a good theme tune for a tv show. good backing dad,did you play the keys, drums and bass and you also play sax. if you did im afraid youre banned from this forum.cant be having proper musicians on here.cubase is the world of VSTIs .Very Seldom Touch Instruments. joking aside that was brilliant you must be very proud.

Wonderful collab with your son! It swings, man. Far ahead of where I was at 10 (was even started by 10?) I was an alto player, you know.

Haha! :laughing: Well, in this case the drums, bass and keys are all VSTi’s, so I think I’m save! :smiley:

Jeroen really starts to learn to hear the changes, and tries to play with them.
Once a week we jam together in my studio. I put on some Aebersold tracks and we just play. Blues songs in different keys and also standards like Summertime and My Funny Valentine, but we also play pop songs.
He’s a quick learner and he enjoys it very much. He’s very proud about this song.


Hi Nate, bluebob, Michael and Doug,

Thanks for the listen.
Yes, of course I’m proud! :sunglasses:
I have to watch my back though, in ten years time (or sooner…) he’ll be better than me! :open_mouth:

My other son (7) just started playing the recorder. He thinks about playing electric guitar, but he also likes to bang the drums every now and then. We’ll see… :slight_smile:


Well, I don’t think you should be proud.
Wim, I think you should be worried!!!
:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

The SON Should be proud and his dad should get back to practicing or else he’d be blown out of the studio! :laughing:
OTOH I guess nothing keeps the dad from being proud at the same time. Good job, both of you! :sunglasses:

Ah yes, the good old Jamie Aebersold improvisation tracks. Didn’t know you had those over there. Every Jazz player I know (that’s any good) honed his chops on those backing tracks

this is the way to light the fire!
great !
Goed gedaan Jeroen, geef 'm van katoen die ouwe! :smiley:

Awesome! :smiley: 10 years old you say… not bad!

No, I’m not worried. Some healthy competition never hurts! :smiley:

Thanks for listening!

Yeah, we’ve got them here, at specialized book stores.
It’s great fun to have the chance to play with great musicians, albeit virtual.
It certainly helped me to improve my solos. :sunglasses:

Thanks Peter!

Ik heb het doorgegeven, hij gaat z’n best doen! :smiley:

Hi Ian,

No, not bad at all… it’s great to watch his progress.
Thanks for listening.

Delightful and catchy tune. A potential TV theme, that’s for sure.

[Damn, where is that applause smiley again…] Bravo! :smiley:

Wow. This is amazing stuff for someone his age! You should be proud! I remember trying to play jazz in high school and even though I got the part in the jazz band it wasn’t because I knew what I was doing - no one else competed on the guitar. :laughing:

Great stuff!

Thanks Ari, yeah, he’s got great ideas! :slight_smile:

Hi Larry,

It’s a shame we don’t have school bands over here. Would have been great for him!
Thanks for listening.