Music Studio 2.10 / iOS 13 / iPhone 7 Plus


I have bought the Music Studio app for several years now. I currently have version 2.10. Recently, I updated the operating system of my iPhone 7 plus to iOS 13. And I think that update made the app no ​​longer work correctly … It’s more: IT DOES NOT WORK. When I open the app, the keyboard remains extended and small, with long, giant and thin keys. I cannot change the instruments nor can I navigate the app … That is, I CANNOT DO ANYTHING with the app. The only thing is that I can do is get some sound by playing the keyboard, but it is an arbitrary sound, which I cannot choose. The app “freezes” and you can only get ONE sound. I need this to be fixed in some way. And I think I should not be the only one to whom this has happened with the app and with iOS 13. Are you going to update Music Studio 2.10 so that it works 100% with iOS 13? In fact, there has been no news about whether they are preparing any update of the app for those who bought this app. If not, that is, if they are not going to get a new update, I think that, those of us who buy this app, we deserve our money back. Thank you. I am looking forward to your response.

I have no problems with MS and IOS13 on Iphone7, Ipad4, IPad Pro…working fine all together.
The only effing is that MS shortcut doesn’t appear when sharing midi file …as many non Apple apps!..
I don’t understand how to use the new Shortcut App…to get the old function Open With…
I’ll wait 2 or 3 months before updating iOS .

I have exactly the same problem as hermanballasteros. I posted a review of the app months ago to this effect and nothing has changed. Please fix this Steinberg or refund the money for the app and the expansion.

I’m also having the same problem as hernanballesteros.
Do you plan on fixing the problems?
Thanks for your rapid response

I have an iPhone X with a pre-existing installation and the upgrade to iOS 13.3 is also causing the same problem. My musical life is on this app and I’d really like it back.

Steinberg seems commited to sit on top of Music Studio the way it is now, so we’ll “gracefully migrate” to Cubasis 3.

The update to version 2.11 resolves this issue:

Sorry for the long wait!