Music Studio 2.11 for iOS available

Hi all,

We are very happy to announce the immediate availability of Music Studio 2.11 and Music Studio Lite 2.11 for iOS!

What’s New in this version:
• 80s Retro Drum Kit **
• 10 additional 80s Retro Kits available as in-app purchase **
• Support for all iPhone and iPad screens
• Support for Macs with Apple Silicon
• Minimum iOS requirement increased to iOS 12.4
• Launch screen updated to comply with the new iOS requirements
• Updated Audiobus SDK to 3.0.12 **
• Fix: Projects created in the Files app could not be saved into user folders

** Feature is not available in the Lite version.

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Music Studio Support

Known issues:

  1. The upper part of the effect list in the FX panel is covered by the menu, so that Reverb, Delay and EQ cannot be selected. Workaround: Use the Effects tab instead of the FX button.
  2. The upper part of the list of samples when editing a drum pad is covered by the menu.
  3. Crash when tapping one of the external links (YouTube, forum etc.) in the Help.
  4. UI (especially text and lists) are too large on iPads.
  5. Key labels are too wide on some iPads.

Thank You very much! :slight_smile:

There are a few Issues such as not being able to Select the Reverb FX via the Track FX Menu. Other than that, I am sure that We’re All very Grateful to have the App In Working Condition again.

Thanks for the Hard Work! It has surely Paid off! :slight_smile: Now I have to just get used to Playing the Tracks via the Play Button again Instead of Exporting It to WAV and Listening through the Audio Folder again, Lol.

Thanks for the update. ^.^

Thanks for the update! One problem: the restore purchases does not work for the 80’s kits… I have bought the 60 instrument bundle long ago when I first got Music Studio and I remember that for any further instrument pack releases I would get them all for free. Any explanation on why are the new drums not part of the restore of purchases ?

Just as a heads up, tapping any of the links at the bottom of the “Help” screen (YouTube,, forums) will crash the app as of the 2.11 update (tested on iOS 13).

thank you very much for your hard working and update us from this progress. :slight_smile:
i am enjoying it a lot now i have no issue to face but some times there are plugin issue of OX maybe that is the reason of circumstances :wink:

thanks for your update and hardworking regarding music hub which is also applicable for the IOS

Thanks for the bug reports, I’ve started a list of known issues in the top post.

The “60 instrument bundle” contains the 60 instruments of the 4 style packs. However, the 10 new kits stand separately and are not included in the bundle. We created these kits exclusively for Music Studio and when you think of the business side of it, an app cannot be kept alive for 10+ years if all content additions are always free. So we made a trade-off, gave everyone 1 kit for free and 10 as a new in-app purchase. Hope you understand!

I’m so glad we have an update. I happily purchased the new drum kits to help continue support development. Does this mean we’ll see further updates to Music Studio more often now? Any word if Music Studio will be able to host AUv3 FX? Any future instrument packs? :slight_smile:

bluetooth headphones connection doesn’t work when the box is checked, works when it’s not checked but at lesser quality, thanks so much for the update!!!

Was pleasantly surprised to discover Music Studio is working again on my iPhone. However, I can’t get it to record vocals, either with the built-in mic or a Bluetooth mic (air pods). Can you help?
Ability to record vocals is what sets this app apart from NanoStudio 2. BTW, many times I tried to find contact info for Steinberg since the app stopped working in January. I thought you must have bought the app just to take it offline so you’d have less competition for Cubasis. Glad you’re back. Please tell me how I can record vocals. Vielen Dank.

A very good update, it works well, thanks for this update!

I just got a bit nostalgic when I read this thread, haha. The update helped a lot, especially with the data saving problems. Support for iPad Screens has helped me alot already as well! Thanks for your work :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information. :slight_smile:

Cool! thanks for the update :+1:t3:
Is it possible to work on projects both on the iPhone and the computer (Mac)?

Hey, can I run it in my iPhone 6s running iOS 12.4? I’ve updated it for a long time. So would it work? Anywhere who’s able to run it in older iPhone models? Please don’t forget to share your experience. Btw… thanks for sharing these announcements, and I’m looking forward to trying out Music studio 2.11, I just need some clarification first. Thank you…

Yes, Music Studio 2.11 runs on an iPhone 6S with iOS 12.4 just fine :slight_smile: