Music Studio 2.11.1 for iOS released

Hi everyone,

We just released a bug fix update for Music Studio: Version 2.11.1 fixes the five known issues of 2.11 (listed at Music Studio 2.11 for iOS available)

Hope you enjoy it, and have a Happy New Year :slight_smile:

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Known issues:

  1. Crash on iPhone when importing audio from the music library (works on iPad).
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Love this app. How can I help promote it to my music industry friends?

Thank you so much for share.

I have Music Studio 2.11.1 on my iPhone 12 Pro and it doesnโ€™t let me import a song from my music library. Every time I try to import a song from my music library the app restarts. It crashes. Please fix that!

Thanks for reporting this issue! It occurs only on iPhone (not on iPad) and it seems to be related to the fact that Appleโ€™s music library view on iPhone is only available in portrait orientation, whereas Music Studio runs in landscape orientation. Hopefully Apple will fix this in a future iOS update, and we too will keep looking for a possible fix.

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Thank you for replying! I hope Apple fixes that in a future update or that you can find a solution to that. :slight_smile: