Music Studio/Cubasis Update

Hello Lars, can you please give us the status of an update for Music Studio and iOS 13 for iPhones? All inquiries and requests were ignored by the music studio team for nearly a year. Can you address this to the proper channels or perhaps shed some light on as to what is happening here? Not trying to put any stress on you but please reply because many music studio users as myself are in complete limbo and cannot access years of work because of this.
I strongly believe you are aware of the situation and hope it is addressed soon.


Hi Jon,

Thank you for your message.
Unfortunately I am unable to give you a date or status update for the next Music Studio update, but will share the information with the team.

Best wishes,

Thank you so much for the reply. It’s good to at least hear back from someone. Glad to know that you will share the info.

MS users, there you have it. Do not complain, don’t ask, don’t request. Do not complain…it’s a useless battle and it’s in the hands of the now current owner, steinberg. That being said, I wish you all well and will no longer peruse any inquiries or requests for updates on music studio.

hey lars,

i come to you as a humble singer/songwriter for a contractually-obligated recording group in the middle of writing our fourth internationally-distributed LP to ask how long it may be until every single composition for five musicians that i have written and transcribed using music studio will be inaccessible as i am starting to feel like i may have wasted literally hundreds of hours with you!

to avoid any confusion, let me get the most important thing out of the way: i’m in no way hinting at litigation!!! come on heh…i work in the creative sector of the music industry in 2020! and have zero income for the foreseeable future.

hit me back thanks !

The update to version 2.11 resolves this issue:

We’re very sorry that it took so long!