Musical Mode Clicks?

Does anyone else find that turning on Musical Mode for a given clip will sometimes click/pop? This click will happen at the same point in the clip every time.

And it seems like rendering the clip makes the click go away. (so I’ve been doing this sometimes… downside is that it then locks in whatever pitch/timing changes I had)


Thanks for this but what are you demonstrating there? I’m in a noisy environment but I didn’t hear any specific audio or voiceover.

yes, noteonly in Musical Mode but also with manual time strechting. I always bounce streched audio to prevent this. Annoying.

Ya, that’s how I’ve worked around this too.

I realized that this problem only occurs on my Mac OS systems, not my Windows PC. The clicks are also there with transposing.

It’s here since decade I guess…
Crossfade between clips with elastique stretching algos + musical mode + transpose + hitpoints detect - thats what (my guess) more likely leads to a clicks/pops.

Bouncing/RIP temporary solves this


Please read the following topic :

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