Mute issue

Can someone explain why this is happening:

It’s an Evolve loop
The loop plays fine
Arm track R/W, and mute soon after the start of the loop
It mutes when I automate mute
Upon playback the first time after writing the auto, it doesnt mute where the mute point is
Upon playback each time thereafter, it doesn’t play, even tho the patch is not muted

Why is this happening?


This any help, Jeff?

Thanks, but no. My issue has nothing to do with the mute/solo bug - which is in fact a known bug.


That’s not just about solo/mute, but a mute event being entered in an automation lane somehow.

Just re-read the entire post head to tail.

Along with his solo issues, there is:

“As to why the mute was there, I have no clue; I definately did not put it there as I have never ever used mute automation.”

He’s talking about something entirely different. I am talking about writing mute, knowing it’s there, and it seemingly not functioning correctly.


Can’t even load that mp4 in Cubase. :imp:

Open another automation lane assigned to mute and see if there’s any data there.

There’s only one assigned to mute. If there were several, that would explain alot, but there is only one.

Doh! :blush:

Not a good idea to post while jamming. :laughing:

What if you toggle the R/W buttons? For S&G, toggle the global M/S too.

Good ideas - but no, that doesn’t work either.


What happens if you drag the part to a new track? If you export/import it to a new project?

What happens if you drag the part to a new track? - Same thing.

Export/import what? The MIDI data as a .mid file? - No that doesnt work either.

What if you change the VSTi selected for the track? Just trying to see where it’s broke, the project, track, MIDI event, VSTi… .

Nope, changing the VSTi doesnt work either.

So it has to be something about the event itself. Is there anything in the list editor that would give a clue?

Send me a copy of the event and I’ll see what happens here.

Send you a copy of the event - you mean a .mid file? Or the project? Can you open a C5 project?

Just the MIDI file.

I dunno man - all of a sudden I can not create MIDI files that I am able to import back into Cubase. Tried trashing the prefs - didnt help. I have no friggin clue why Cubase all of a suden does not create .mid files that can be reimported back in.

Anyway, that really isnt going to work. If I was able to make a .mid file, and you were able to import it, the automation data is not going to be in the automation lane.

I really need to find out what the hell is going on here.

Can a SB employee please respond here?

Thank you.

–edit—ok, that was wierd. Rebooted, and now its working.

Yeah - so, even tho I check “export auto” the mute auto daat is not in the .mid file when I reimport.

Still would like a SB employee to respond here about why this is not working correctly.