Mute malfunction issue

I can’t quite see the steps to replicate but I’m currently having the problem repeatedly. I’m doing 60 / 30 / 15 sec cutdowns for a publisher.

I’ve exported the stems in to a new project. I have 3 folders for MAIN / NO MELODY / UNDERSCORE with the stems in - approx 6/7 stems per folder and im cutting up the tracks in to the 60 / 30 / 15 versions

I’ve put those 3 folders in to a folder so it’s easy to manipulate multiple versions at once.

Once I start exporting the versions the mute’s fail as I try to select different versions. It’s something to do with the export dialogue being open.

Quitting and reloading solves the issue. It’s a worry though because ive noticed the sometimes the tracks appear to muted - they’re not quite the right shade of yellow on the mute button and they’re still playing.

I think I can avoid the issue by remembering to close the export window before I mute / unmute tracks.


Isn’t it the same as this one?

apologies - yeah looks like it