My First Cubase Remix (free download)

Here’s my first remix in Cubase.
Feedback is greatly appreciated.

What exactly does a “remix” involve? Are you saying this isn’t your song?

Love it !! Sounds Great !!

this sounds pretty good although its hard to make out the words being sung, im not even sure if its in english. perhaps you could turn up the volume on them, you may need to take some of the reverb of to do that though and i aint sure how that would affect the over all feel of the song as all that reverb works well with the song. it does sound good though

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I added a little more reverb than I should have but every I lowered it the sound was kinda dry. Lana Del Ray has an interesting voice, I had to look up the lyrics a few times myself lol.

Like it !!!


I’m not a fan of remixes for multiple reasons. But I don’t see how being unoriginal and completely ruining someone’s performance and art by making them sound like they’re in a submarine underwater is anything to be proud of. :-/ Sorry to be negative but remixes have that effect on me :smiling_imp: I mean, if someone changed my music like this I think I’d be pretty pissed off if I didn’t give them permission to and that’s the main issue for me.

Gotta say he has a point there…

I respect your opinion but I would like to point out my reason for remixes. I do these remixes for my own enjoyment. It’s all about bridging the gap between different genres of music. Mixing one style of music into another is beneficial to the artist in a way that it bring their music to an audience that wouldn’t have otherwise heard it. I’d also like to ask if you are familiar with the original song at all? For you to say that I have “completely ruining someone’s performance and art” by setting it to a different style is a bit harsh… I mean unless you’re a rep of UMG or Ms. Elizabeth Grant herself.

Thank you for your input and I’ll be sure to remove the “submarine underwater” sound I spilled all over the place. :bulb: :laughing:

not disagreeing but maybe a little harsh in this context

people change other peoples songs all the time, you have bob dylans knockin on heavens door or you have guns n roses cover,( i know which i prefer), you have dj’s who mix and match different songs and add beats and what not to achieve different results.

if your going to change a song then you need to make it better or make it different enough to attract a different kind of audience,

i dont listen to this kind of music so have never heard the original of this song, i dont know how better or worse or how different it is, i just take it as is, which, for me anyway is someone going through a learning experience looking for honest feedback on how to improve what they do, i can certainly relate to that as every time i hear peoples music on this forum i think they sound better than me so i like it when the feedback from others helps me see things a little more clearly.

who knows, maybe the feedback from this forum could inspire drebin to remix a song into something very different to the original and sell a million records


i knew i typed slow but really, almost 40 min between your post and mine, and i started before you :laughing: :laughing:

Paul, you get it and I truly appreciate your input. :smiley:
and yes my ability to get words from my head to my fingers isn’t the best at 2am lol :laughing:

this from somebody who makes his music from an orchestra sample dvd, bleh!! didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you didn’t have anything good to say, keep your mouth shut!!

Sure it’s a harsh comment about remixes, but it’s not a personal attack at the individual. I comment on the music presented and can comment positively and negatively with music presented by the same person. This is not a world where everything has to be Facebook ‘liked,’ so if a moderator feels my comment to be breaking rules I’ll take it back. If you don’t understand what orchestra samples actually are bluebob then refrain from using innate comparisons :slight_smile:

I stand by what I said though, the only issue for me is that you’ve ripped out part of someone else’s song and stuck it in your cover of that song. I love electronic sounds, I’ve commented positively on others here using electronic sounds multiple times and the fact it is a cover wouldn’t make a difference either way for my enjoyment. But ripping part of someone’s complete performance is like :-/ to me sorry. If it was an instrumental cover I think my outlook on it would be drastically different. I hope you don’t take personal offence because it wasn’t intended to, the comments are about the music presented and not about you as an individual, I thought that was very obvious.

:unamused: I knew what orchestra sample and loop dvd’s were before you could afford to buy one. been in the business for 30+ years, writing, recording, touring, seen all the attitudes, including yours. I admit, I use to think all music not created and recorded from real instruments was fake and ripped off etc, or in your case, drag n dropped, but then… I grew up, I suggest you do the same. how one achieves his own creativety is a personal thing and should be celebrated in any of its forms, including yours and this persons.

about the track in question, its not important for me to rant about whether I respect it or not. I thought it was fun, and theres alot to learn about doing this sort of thing that could lead to doing other things in the world of music.
keep doing what your doing, and most of all, enjoy yourself :smiley:

You’re actually very misinformed with what you say there. The things you’re stating as fact about these sample libraries are simply untrue. Sample libraries such as the EWQL or Cinesamples are completely different to loop libraries such as Video copilots: Pro Score which IS a loop library intended to give video editors an idea of what they want and not for a composers use ,that is why it’s packaged in with video editing software. The EWQL libraries contain 0 loops or pre-recorded material.

I can’t continue to respond until you’ve gone and investigated and saw for yourself that what you’re stating as fact is actually plain wrong. If you say orchestra music using samples is created by dragging and dropping pre-recorded loops then go buy any of these libraries and you’ll see for yourself that you need to write every individual note for every individual instrument.

I’ve never thought anything not created by recording real instruments is fake because it’s not. I love electronic sounds and music produced using electronic sounds. I daresay I’d likely enjoy the electronic sounds in this cover also, but the vocal being cut and stuck in there makes it unlistenable.

You thought this track was fun, I didn’t for a specific reason. Why do you feel the need to tell others they aren’t allowed to not like something? It’s an equally valid opinion. Unless it’s swearing and personal insults then an opinion either way is fine and I find it easy to accept that with regards to my own music.

again with telling me what I know and don’t, lol. I’ve been a member here for many years dating back to the old forum. the vast number of comments/critiques are about using cubase, (hence the forum name) techniques, mixing, mastering etc. there have been a few along the way like yourself who feel the need to diss someones craft based upon their personal preference, thats mostly youth and arrogance.
best of luck with that, I’m done with this