My Groovy Template With Manual The best I could do to get clip-launching and non-linear in Cubase

This is kind of scary.

I would rather fumble through a live set, after 2 days of no sleep than share this as far as how much anxiety it is generating.

I have this fear that the included example (which contains no music) will be used to create Cheesy Science Fiction based songs. But then again, it might not be so bad.

When I was ripping out my own “Kits” I didn’t spend much time making examples so… Cheese away if you must.

That said, here is an abstracted version of my primary song writing Template, and a manual to set the same thing up yourself if you want.

I spent some time making it more generic and less specific, and have started a new project with this version. My apologies if you try and use it and there are defects, I have found a few over the past few weeks, but thought I would share as I think I have most of them worked out.

It’s overkill nerdsvill. And that’s the way I like it.

Extra bonus points if you know the Example Project references.

Had to break it down…

Oqion Groove Template (731.1 KB) (1.2 MB)
Groove - (3.2 MB)
Groove (597.0 KB)
Launchpad (3.8 KB)
Kontakt Quantize Clip (4.6 KB)

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What is this black magic!? :slight_smile:

…ah what the hell. I’ll download and see. haha - thanks, I’m very curious now.