My Jimmy Webb tribute

I hope Jimmy doesn’t laugh too loudly. :laughing:
I even managed to use (unintentionally) the word strain.
Oh…and yard. :blush:

DOn’t think anyone will laugh,love the lyrics and beautiful strings and piano. I will listen again tonight when it’s dark outside :slight_smile:
Not sure what you are using for strings but do you have a great solo cello? If so I may make a couple of suggestions for you to try…

very nice…enjoyed it!

Well, I’m intrigued by Kenny’s idea to replace the strings with solo cello. The strings are very big for where the song seems to be going. Nevertheless, another lush and gorgeous composition and vocal performance. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Kenny, Leon,

thanks for the listens and comments.

I will experiment more with the strings.

I thought the paint-by-numbers piano would
get more of a hammering. Not my “forte”. :laughing:


thanks for listening.

Yeahh…thats a beautiful song…just beautiful, piano sounds great!

best, Kevin

Thanks for listening Kevin.

I re-did the strings.

Nothing beats constructive feedback.

You’ve just improved a song that I thought couldn’t be improved…

such a good song…

best, Kevin

Hi Jet!

Hope you’re doing fine, my friend.

Beautiful song, I love the sparse arrangement. :sunglasses:
I wouldn’t change a thing.

This song just made my day, thanks for that! :slight_smile:


Kevin, glad you think so. Thanks.

Hi Wim,

long time no see mate!

I’m glad you liked the tune!
And I’m happy you found the other post
too. Thanks for your always kind comments
on both.

I hear you were house hunting.
Hope it’s going well.

A bump coz I turned 60. Woo-hoo.

[quote=“Pearldivers”]A bump coz I turned 60. Woo-hoo.[/quote

Well Shoot! Happy Birthday Jet, your still a young pup.

Your poetry pulls hard on my old heartstrings and when you set it to music, well, it’s just beautiful. It is great to see/hear you still making music. I trust all is well.


Happy Birthday to Jet!

Happy Belated Birthday Jet!

Still love this song, wonderful! :sunglasses:

Cheers my friend!


BTW, nice image of the yin and yang clock.
You always use great art work with your songs! :sunglasses:

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys. :slight_smile:

John! So nice to hear from you.
Been a while. Hope you are well.
I also hope my last two albums found
their way down Ruby Lane? :wink:

Wim: the clock is in my living room.
I can never figure out if it’s half-past
ying or half-past yang. :laughing:
I might send you one as a house-warming gift. :smiley:

lovely song , but i don`t understand the connection with Jimmy Webb .