My Mistake Custom Key signatures

Sorry, I meant KEY signatures…when I try to insert a custom Key signature into my Flow it seems to destroy most of the material in that Flow prior to the point of insertion. What am I doing wrong? Please advise…thanks.

After trying to insert a Custom Key Signature…many many times…I found that I Could insert a custom key…However…it literally erases all of the material on my middle three staves (in a five staff project)…the top and bottom staves remain untouched. Please advise…thanks.

Where is the caret located when you insert your key change? IIRC you need to have the Write Caret active; just selecting a note does not behave the same.

If I select a note, or have the caret active, the key change goes in front of the selection point.

It shouldn’t have any effect on what was before that point in the flow.

Can you please zip up and attach your project here so we can take a look? A before and after screenshot would also be helpful, so we can be sure we’re looking at the right thing.


Thanks for the quick response. I hope that you can unzip the attached file. It should be the Full Score. It will be a piece for 5 Marimba. I would like to add a custom Key Signature to the last measure as you see it…affect nothing behind it…and hopefully go on. Again…I can add a custom key…however as soon as I click out of the dialogue boxes…all material on Marimba II, III and IV vanishes. I hope you can help.Thank You
Martin Miles

I took the zip file off line as I saw it was being downloaded…hopefully by you. If not please let me know…And …please send an email address so that only you will receive files of any sort…or please tell me how to best accomplish this.
I would also like to add that my music vanishes when I close the dialogue boxes…Not when I attempt to click on the key signature I have just custom done…the damage has already been done. Again…thanks for the help. I hope this process is not too frustrating.

Martin, just so you know for the future: this is a user forum with lots of user engagement. If you post a file here, you should assume other users will download it for viewing in an attempt to help you. Dorico team members are very active here, but users are as well, which is a strength of this forum.

If you need to send diagnostic or troubleshooting files to Steinberg team that are private, you need to email them directly. Or strip your file down to remove all material you don’t want publicly viewable.

Thanks for the info…that is good to know. I will not hesitate to trust this forum in the future.Did you or Mr. Spreadbury download the file…Or…should I reattach?

I’m just a user. :slight_smile: I didn’t download it, no. I suggest you reattach it, if you are ok with it being viewed publicly.

I downloaded it yesterday (Friday) but I couldn’t extract the .dorico file from it. I assumed it was a compressed with 7-Zip since the file extension was 7z and got “Unsupported compression method”. Maybe my version of 7-Zip is out of date. Or maybe you did some Mac compression thing and I’m on Windows. Whatever, I assumed Daniel or somebody else would look at it, so I didn’t bother to post a message when yesterday (Friday) about my problem, which has nothing to do with why your key signature didn’t behave properly.

Anyway, if you don’t reattach the file, it’s 100% certain that nobody else can look at it!

(Wow, my 7-Zip is out of date big time - it’s version 4.65 and the current version is 18.05!!!)

OK, I updated 7-Zip and got to your score, but I don’t get the problem you described.

I defined a custom key signature and added it at the end of the score, and nothing happened to the music before it.

I didn’t download the attachments. Please reattach it here, or send it to me by email at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. Be sure to include a link to this thread so I know what it’s in reference to.

Again…thanks for the quick reply. I am again attaching my score (zipped w PK7zip program)…and three screen shots. I am attempting to insert this Custom Key Signature to the very last measure as you see it . I have gone and created a Custom Key Signature…and clicked OK. As soon as I close out of the dialogue boxes…The middle three staves in this project disappear.(Screenshot 3) As you can see the Custom Key Signature has been created…and I Can insert it…however the middle staff content is still blank. (Screenshot 5) I can insert a traditional Key Signature…without a problem.(Screenshot 6)
It is like something in the background is overriding…(just a guess) I have gotten the reply that another person on your staff has not had this issue…and their attempt was successful. This…of course is even more baffling. I hope you can help or provide me with a workaround…or something. Your time is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Martin Miles (maestro5478)

Tar in I.7z (608 KB)

Just to confirm, I can reproduce maestro5478’s problem on macOS. Haven’t tried Windows yet.
The very act of defining a custom key signature (just defining it, not trying to insert it anywhere) deletes the notes from the middle three instruments. Cmd+Z doesn’t work to get them back.

Unless there is something peculiar about that specific custom key signature, that is pretty much what I did on Windows with no problem. See my earlier attachment.

I can certainly reproduce the problem here. There’s something unexpected happening with the slurs earlier in the flow so that when the whole layout is recalculated when the custom key signature is added to the tonality system, some of the music is being deleted. We’ll need to look into this in more detail to see if we can figure out what’s causing it. I don’t think it’s a widespread problem but it does indicate something funny about this project itself.

I’ve done my best to recreate the project afresh in a way that should be resilient to further edits to the tonality system, but note that I have removed the slurs. I hope this is helpful.
Tar in I - (273 KB)

Thanks for the fix…all is great. I did think about this a lot…and realized that I had mistakenly used slurs instead of ties (all notes were of the same pitch) I then brought up my original project file for the piece and replaced all the slurs with ties. I then tried to insert a Custom Key Signature…and…the same problem occurred (music vanished?!?) I just thought you would like to know.
I do have two follow up questions
1.) Can I now use slurs and/or ties in this new “fixed” file ?
2.) Notes below Bflat (second line Bass clef) in Marimba V part…are Red… I am assuming that these will not print red…is this the case?

Again thanks for the time…and the repair
Martin Miles

Red and dark red notes are a new feature, you can disable it (View menu I think, in Write mode), and no, they’re not supposed to be printed in color! They’re just a reminder that “this not is impossible on this instrument” or “this note is ok for a professional player only” :wink:

You should certainly be able to use slurs and ties in the fixed project with no problems, Martin, but please let me know if you run into any further problems.