My Mixdowns are resulting in a lagging vocal track

I’m running Cubasis 3 on a 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" running iPadOS 15.7.1

I have been making recordings with myself singing over a backing track playing on track 1.

Track 2 contains my lead vocal. Track 3 has my lead vocal punch-ins.

I go to mixdown and when it finishes mixing down, I listen to the mix. Maybe about 1/3rd into the song I can hear my vocals starting to lag behind the music. It gets worse as the song goes on until my singing is a whole beat late. I first noticed this issue a couple weeks ago.

The problem persists no matter which audio type I mix down to (.m4a, .wav, flac).

Can you help?

@King_Drew do you have any effects as inserts or sends?

Try turning them off one by one.

I experienced something similar. I had to select a different preset in a plug-in to eliminate the latency.

Cubasis doesn’t yet have plug-in latency compensation.

I do have effects inserts and sends on the vocal tracks. At one point, though I froze the vocal track, which would have disabled those effects and I still got the same results during mixdown.

I’ll try what you’re saying though.

I also froze the problematic track. It recorded with the latency.

If I understand correctly, Cubasis currently doesn’t adjust according to the plug-in’s reported latency. Thus, you are recording a plug-in chain with its latency.

Trying your suggestion, I removed Brusfri from Klevgrand from the signal chain and replaced it with Cubasis’ own noise gate and the issue was resolved.

A shame really. That’s my favorite AUV3 effect.

Ahh oh well. Thanks!

@King_Drew I’m glad it worked out!

Please add your voice to the chorus on this issue by voting for Steinberg to fix plug-in delay compensation:

Hi @King_Drew,

Are you able to share the project with us?

If so, please upldoad the file via Dropbox or similar and let me have the download link via PM.