My s49 Mk1 Komplete Kontrol 1.9 Automatic Track Focus doesn't work


I would like to share a small experience and make it useful to users who, like me, have a problem with the malfunction.
from Komplete kontrol auto focus in Cubase, this is how I solved the problem for me.
First, I bought the Komplete Kontrol S88 MK2 in August 2021. Initially everything worked normally with Cubase Pro 11 and after a while,
(2 months approx) the auto focus no longer worked. Nothing more annoying than having to take the mouse back to manually reactivate it each time you
changes tracks, especially since the goal of Native Instruments keyboards is to use the mouse less. I searched for a long time on my pc and on the internet
what could come of it but in vain, until the day when I had to reinstall windows for a material reason. And then everything works again, great, but that’s it
won’t do it if you have to reinstall Windows and all the software (and I have some!) every time you lose auto focus, it takes a lot of time.
So I make a system backup on another hard drive to simplify the reinstallation in case… So time goes by without worries until the day
or I’m updating Cubase Pro 12.
At the beginning of the update everything works, but as I like to fiddle with all the parameters, especially with the new Midi Remote, that’s where: “and pafff!
again, manual focus!” I may have done something wrong, so without wasting time I restore my pc with my system backup made when
everything was fine (about 30 minutes, it’s better than hours and hours) and reinstall Cubase Pro 12. But to my surprise after restoration, manual focus again!
I thought that the cause could come from a file on the system disk and well no. You have to look elsewhere. And that’s when I started to understand
where it could come from, there are not 36 places. If the error does not come from the system disk, it can only come from the “Documents” folder because I had changed
its location on another hard drive. So by putting its subfolders likely to cause the error one by one to the trash (without emptying the trash of course
to be able to restore them later) and by restarting Cubase each time, I managed to identify where it came from. The culprit (finally the culprit
in reality it’s me but I’m coming to it) it’s the “VST XMLs” folder or rather what’s lower in the folder tree. It is a file named
“Generic 8 cells”. This file is created when modifying the instantaneous Quicks Controls assignments of a VST in Cubase. If most VSTs do not cause problems
with these modifications, Komplete Kontrol meanwhile does not appreciate these changes and suddenly loses the auto focus by switching to noon. On the other hand, none
problems with the instant Quicks Controls of the track. This file must therefore be deleted to regain auto focus with new Komplete Kontrols tracks,
as for the Komplete Kontrols tracks already created, you can only find the auto focus by reloading Komplete Kontrols in the track inspector.

Here is the file path:
In my case it is:

“F:\Documents Arnaud\Documents\VST XMLs\Native Instruments GmbH\Komplete Kontrol\5653544E694B4B6B6F6D706C65746520”
and delete the “Generic 8 cells” file

In other cases, likely to be:

“C:\Users\Users\Documents\VST XMLs\Native Instruments GmbH\Komplete Kontrol\5653544E694B4B6B6F6D706C65746520”

There you go, if it can help some, so much the better. I took my head and time enough to find the cause of the problem. maybe it’s not a big deal,
but when you don’t know well … we search, and we search again, and we get angry!
Computer music is very good, it’s powerful, but when you start trying to solve what’s wrong, it takes time and that time isn’t music.
With that, good day and good music.