My Steinberg Hub does not connect

Hi my Steinberg hub has never connected since I had cubase 7 so I cant get the tutorials etc. I am using windows 7, I have tried disabling the firewall but that didn’t help I use Mcaffee software. Could someone please tell me how I can get it to connect, all I get is the “connecting” logo with the two plugs.



Not sure why you can’t connect to the hub … but the tutorials are hosted on the Steinberg channel on YouTube … this link is to the series on 7.0.

Hope that helps

Aloha Capt,

I was reading and responding to your other post
re: the IC and IC Pro not connecting.

And now I am reading that your Steinberg Hub
has NEVER connected.

This makes me think you might have some
networking probs going on with your 'puter.

Do all your other on-line apps (browsers,e-mail etc)
connect and work properly?


Hi Curtyeye, yes that’s the bit that confuses me most everything else works fine, I can even do the upload to sound cloud from cubase, it’s not the end of the world if the hub does not connect as cubase works fine, would just be nice to get it going.

I gave up on the ic I couldn’t get it to work, the ic pro didn’t work either. I even tried daw controller … No luck there either, again not the end of the world would just have been useful. Hopefully there will be versions made for Microsoft surface as I will be changing from iPad to that when I can, as well as windows phone…I hate the way apple keeps pushing me in corners, and maybe everything will start to work.

Capt’n :smiley:

Hi Captain,

I wish I had something useful to contribute other than I tend to agree that there are network issues at play. It appears that ,for me, those have always been a real pain for me to resolve. Recently proven to me a few days ago by a Western Digital tech support, it was all about the AVG anti-virus software installed on the computer. Creating an exception to allow this 3TB nas drive to connect beyond the firewall. They also had me go into the windows networking to adjust some manual versus automatic start problems. Quite detailed but it worked

Frustrating as all hell but once identified, easy… I am not sure by changing devices, which is not cheap, will resolve it all. I have never been an Apple guy but, it is a great product and I use it daily. I am anxious to get IC Pro running but I know it will be an connection problem as well. After all I read all about them in the forum and know I will have them all

Don’t give in to These issues …Get it running. Good luck !

For the benefit of everyone else, I was wondering if you could share what kind of adjustments you had to do in the windows networking…

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issues:

I have never been able to connect to Hub. I just got iC pro and it doesn’t see a computer.

I have no problem connecting to the internet. I am successfully using the VSL remote app.

How to troubleshoot?


Same here never connected - firewall disabled no connectiion still.
Steinberg if your reading this please stop the hub hogging the screen(S) too, if it did not do this, trhen you could get on with other things at least.

If you’re not getting connection, then just turn the feature off :bulb:

I wish is could relist everything they told me . I am going to try and get more details from my case number with them and list those things here. It may take a day to get it done but I’ll try to find out. It happened so fast that when I was finished, I couldn’t recall what I might have had to do if it had screwed up something else I routinely use .

Much of it had to do with properties and whether or not 6 or 8 things in a list of about 65, were set to run as manual start or automatic detection for startup. These were all set as manual and needed to be set to automatic

What amazed me is at this was only to get a network drive running and that there were so many things preventing it from happening. I will get back to you

These are the services found in your computer management app. Not recommended to play around here if your not sure what you’re doing, best to get someone knowledgeable help you.
I agree though, it would be nice if Steinberg would publish these specific service settings, just as in various articles about DAW Configuration (except Steinbergs - see rather Avids support site).

The Hub not connecting is a windows settings problem and not a problem with Cubase software. A temporary glitch could also be caused by your provider, so always check to make sure you can, in fact, connect to the internet normally.

The Hub not connecting is a windows settings problem and not a problem with Cubase software.

This depends on the design. I think its unrealistic to expect users to go around fiddling with firewalls, network settings, virus protection and the like for what?

What is the Hub really for? I am not in a position to know as I can get it operational, but if its simply to bring news and tutorials, then why so complex and why does opening the hub have to stop everything else?

IMO its not up to scratch and I am suprised Steinberg released it as it is designed.

It is quite possible that it is the installation of certain “protection” software which screws up these settings in the first place.
Also, many users have followed the DAW Configuration instructions which I mentioned before, and up to now, most of these recommended disabling a lot of internet connection services - on purpose - as it has been the generally held philosophy 'til now, that a DAW should generally not be connected and virus scanners should be disabled when working with the DAW.

On a normal installation of W7 and installation of Ms Security Essentials, the hub functions perfectly. If changes are made to any necessary services, you can hardly blame Steinberg.

You keep saying this disrupts your workflow - As I mentioned before, if the feature bothers you, then they have given you the option to disable it! :unamused: It can be called up anytime manually over the Hub menu, if you happen to need it while working.

With respect, I have never said it ‘disrupts my workflow’ . I would like to use this feature, but presently have it turned off because it does not function on my system - that is what I mean. Its been turned off from day one. It needs re-designing is my position as it is true that many people have their system set up with various wall, virus scanner tweaks and other settings, which should not need retweaking for Steinberg. I think Steinberg may be going to do more with this piece of kit as presently it is like a Steinberg Utube channel which refuses to minimise.

This is all IMO

The whole point is that the philosophy has now changed, and it is being suggested to allow connection. so perhaps users should undo some of the tweaking if they did any.
You can’t expect Steinberg to connect even if the system has e.g. been told explicitly not to allow programs to do this. By the same token you might as well say Cubase should work regardless of any settings I make in the audio options of the control panel, or even if I have disabled the audio driver completely.

Speaking for those who can’t connect, so I’m somewhat biased.

I expect Steinberg or VSL or NI or Adobe or any other company where the operation requires a network connection to give users the -tools- to troubleshoot. What you’re implying is a return to the dark ages where one needed a ‘network technician’ just to get a program running. Nonsense.

If something is wrong, they need to include clear instructions on how to correct… especially since most of us having such issues -are- able to connect to other network programs (internet, e-mail, etc.)


It is not my intention of waging a feud here, I was hoping to give a helpful insight into the matter. :slight_smile:

The old philosophy shunned having your DAW connected to the internet, newer thinking has revised this attitude.

No DAW software changes these windows service settings during it’s installation, this is something usually carried out by the user according to instructions found in many places on the Web most popularly on Avids support site. Steinbergs own KB article on DAW configuration does not go into these details at all.

That being said, I am absolutely, 100% in agreement that it would be extremely useful if Steinberg would make a KB article addressing this issue - especially when considering that a support rep can, via a remote connection go through the services and check for the correct settings, then they could just as easily publish these settings!

In the meantime I had thought that people might check out these “Optimization Instructions” and go through them with a view to reverse any obvious settings that may adversly affect the Hub connecting.

I apologize if I ruffled any feathers :wink:

You’re very polite. I just do NOT want to go back to the bad old days… I remember the flames,


…and how one almost needed a network certification to get anything to work.

A bit of a rant: I used to program remote apps for business and I still have PTSD thinking about tracking problems with ‘UDP Ports’ and so on. I do music now because I don’t WANT to have to bother with that crap. I have always maintained that it’s the vendor’s job to shield musicians from this crap so we can be creative. I tend to think one reason music is so AWFUL these days is that the only people who tended to thrive in the DAW world would be geeks who could tackle ‘PCI Slots’ and ‘DMA access’. And all the rest just got turned off.

Since most vendors now -depend- on networking to make their gizmos ‘go’ it’s their job to give us the tools to really make it plug-n-play.

What’s telling for -me- is how the ‘apps’ that take one’s money or cover one’s ‘license’ always seem to work, but the one’s that let the fun begin? Eh…

Could be my imagination. :smiley:

OK, so… how do we troubleshoot this, SB. Are we looking at particular TCP/UDP ports? Do you have any tools to help?