N10.1: Is Transparent Mode Gone??

Steinberg and community:

Please tell me this is user error. I just installed 10.1 and my key command for transparent mode (in which I work almost exclusively) is no longer working, and I can’t find it in Key Commands.

Is it gone? I very much want it not to be.



I’m also upset at the possibility of transparent events not being an option anymore.

I hope I’m not just panicking because it’s not where it was before. Maybe configuration options have changed?

There are plenty of ways to skin a cat in Nuendo, but Transparent Events is (or maybe was…) nice and clean… and toggleable.


Same here!
And you’ve managed to trigger my own panic mode.
I did tried to mess around with the events background colour scheme, if you make changes on the prefs, they don’t translate to the events.
Guessing is a full blown bug.

It works correctly here. Some changes require that you hit “Apply” before you see the effect.
It seems they have adopted the Cubase style of event handling.
The online manual has also been updated.

Personally - perhaps as a Cubase transplant - I prefer it.

Now I can adjust the visibility of Events as they are moved.
I can see MIDI data much clearer as it’s brightness is now adjustable.
I can see waveforms clearer with the outlines and brightness adjustable.
I can gently color the track headers.

I have not yet dared to save a “Preference Preset”. That did cause serious problems and I don’t see it mentioned as fixed.

Though I had no use for them, I can understand missing Transparent Events if that was a favorite.

They still retained the “Red Line Around the Event” method of selection indication which I do not like - especially if the Event is Red.


I hope this is a between-versions oversight. In the meantime, I’m going to mess around and see if there’s a way to approximate it, but don’t have high hopes.

It’s more than “a favorite.” It is a very useful and often used part of how I work.

I would like to see Transparent Events come back, pronto. Why get rid of it? Was it hurting somebody?


I did hit “apply”.
Im on the issue for 3 hours now, can’t seem to get my “clean edit” workflow for Post. Im panicking!
There was no “thick” red line on the vanilla release of N10, what the hells going on?!

If anyone from Steinberg is paying attention, I like the transparent mode because it’s easier to move audio events around and get them timed right, due to the fact that it’s easier to see the diagonal lines representing the beats and sub divisions.

Please bring that feature back ASAP!!

You can adjust this under Preferences, Event Display, Event Handling Opacity.

You can also adjust Grid Overlay Intensity in the same place.

That helps but still doesn’t work the same.And it’s also not as pleasing looking to my eyes as the transparent events.

5 hours now into trying to solve this “issue”.
This is a major backstab to all of us Nuendo users, I can’t edit vocals or whatever in Post, with this kind of settings.
Yup, Im on panic mode, Nuendo is my primary daw for almost 12 years now.

It is a gut punch. Not happy about this. Again, why take it away?


Agreed. It really doesn’t make any sense to delete a useful feature like that.

It looks as though Steinberg has implemented Cubase’s preferences, with the color scheme and look, etc., into Nuendo.

I like the new waveform options and overall look, but I agree that the transparent option should still be there.

Somebody from Steinberg: please say something about this.


I’m really liking the new options. Setting up the opacity has given me the best of both worlds without having to toggle options. The grid visibility (also adjustable) has made things even more streamlined. I’m a happy guy. I can understand the frustration of some guys so, if there’s a way to still have the previous options that’'l be a bonus, but please don’t lose the current setup. It didn’t take me long to adapt to the new workflow and I prefer it now.

I’m also assuming that the new workflow is the same as Cubase, which in the long run will make updates and fixes quicker, having less basic differences to deal with between the DAW’s. In my book that’s a good thing.

The Nuendo’s transparent mode was only there in order to fix the screwed up visiblity of Playhead Cursor which was disappearing behind the events when dragging these and to compensate the missing Grid Overlay Intensity option from Cubase.
But Event Handling Opacity set up to the max or the old Nuendo Playhead Cursor behaviour…
It just doesn’t make any sense.
Or can somebody tell me how can I benefit from Events obscuring the playhead cursor? When I am dragging of moving the events, I usually would want to allign them to some sort of visual anchor. That is either grid or in the most cases the playhead cursor.
If the visibility of playhead cursor was implemented properly from the very beginning there would be no need for transparent mode.

But again Steinberg, if you introduce some new options, try to keep the old ones as well - let us, pro users choose, don’t force it on us.
I personally don’t need the transparent mode, but I can perfectly understand professionals who doesn’t want to change their workflows.

Missing Tools from Right Click Menue, missing functions from right click menue, the new color tool form Cubase 10.0 (it was fixed in the following iteration) - there are several examples where Steinberg just breaks the workflow of long time users sometimes just for cosmetic reasons.

It’s good to hear that you’ve found that the new setup works for you-- I’m hoping that I can be similarly adaptable. My initial efforts have not felt as promising, but hope springs eternal. The toggle-ability is something I think I’ll continue to miss. I would still like to hear from Steinberg about the intended advantages of the new setup and am mystified by the unanticipated and undocumented disappearance of this much-used feature!


Chewy, I feel you! I was in the middle of a big mix when I did the update. After a little ‘messing around’ I carried on mixing with the new layout. By the end of the mix last night I must admit that I prefer the new workflow. I didn’t use ‘transparent’ much because it just made the project really hard to focus on. But, I really missed the original ‘opaque’ view when sliding clips over each other for editing (it used to work that way and then for a few updates/versions it was gone!) Now it feels as if I’ve got the it all. I’m going miss having a key command that toggled between ‘colorise background’ and not - the constant full colour of parts will get a bit tiring for me! Maybe I’m just getting old!!! ;D

This is terrible. Please fix it back how it was.