N3 on Win7/64bit

Is there any (unofficial) info about Nuendo 3 (latest) on a Win 7/64bit system?

I want to go Win7 but because N3 has hardware reliability here I still use it for most of the recording sessions here…

N3 will live together with N4 and Cubase 5.5, WL 6 + 7… Anyone tested?


I think you have a fair chance to get it working.
But I haven’t seen any reports yet.


I’ve got Cubase SX 3 installed on Windows 7/64 next to Nuendo 4 and 5, WaveLab 6 and 7 and several Cubase derivates (even Cubase VST 5). Nuendo 3 will do fine, too!

Hey, that sounds good!

Thanks a lot!


I have Nuendo 1 and it crashes (actually freezes) on trying to open with Win 7 32 bit. Same result running it in XP mode. Has anyone got it to work? I see from the knowledge base that only Nuendo 4 and above are officially Win 7 compatable.

Make sure you have the latest eLicenser Control Center installed:
Also check if a plug-in is causing trouble. This trouble shooting article will tell you how (step 6): https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/troubleshooting-instructions-for-cubase-nuendo-and-sequel-on-windows.html

(I need to clarify that I’m doing this within Win 7’s “Virtual PC” running XP.) When I try to install the latest elicense, I get an error saying that I need to have Microsoft NET Framework v2 or newer installed. I have version 4 installed. So I tried an old version of elicenser from Dec 2009 and it actually updated…but then I had no licenses showing on the key. I’m not sure what to try next.

Just an update for other crazy people (like me) running Nuendo 1 on Win 7: It works but if I wanted 1.61 to work, I had to disable hyperthreading in the BIOS. Nuendo 1.0 always worked but 1.61 froze on opening–until I disabled hyperthreading. Go figure.

N3.2 working on Windows 7/64bits here.

How did you install?

I just installed N4 and WL6 - now I have problems to install N3 directly from the DVD - there comes a prompt in the beginning during Syncrosoft installation telling me “Syncrosoft Licence control - warning: there are processes active which will disturb the current installation, please reboot… blabla”. Something like that (in german)…

There are no processes active… Do you have any hint?

Thanks a lot!

Ha! Installation is running now - I have to treat the installer… Instead of letting him install the 5 years old Syncrosoft drivers I copied the Nuendo-Setup.exe to the desktop, as well as the folder “additional contect” - here I replaced that old Syncrosoft installer by the newest elicencer installer - which I renamed - now N3 is installing using the latest elicencer installer, hehe !

Grrr but I can’t update because here the Syncrosoft error is again… I don’t have a clue how to avoid the (in my case) 3.1 updater to install that old Syncrosoft control stuff… ??

Doesn’t matter. If there is a newer eLicenser installed, it is not replaced by the older one.
Just continue the install …


Nuendo 3 is working very well on WIN7 64bits.

I can open a project with 130 tracks edited 2years ago and it works well => rendering too…

The Install was not possible to continue - always Syncrosoft Error… I uninstalled elicencer, installed N3.x - uninstalled Syncrosoft, installed elicencer again - voila :slight_smile:

Only problem - maybe anyone can confirm:

Most of the new UAD 5.8 plugins (incl Cambridge etc) are not loading in N3.1.1 anymore - in N4 they do - so basically everything is working… Mh, too bad…

Ach kvatch ! Brandy I hadn’t seen your question since I didn’t have “reply on answer” checked for the forum board by default… I pmed you but I see you got it working already…
Better too late than never… :wink:

Ohh I have LOTS of other problems in the monent… :cry:

I have problems with my NVS 450 Card - no Aero stuff availeble … (not the biggest problem though) - but slow GUI response as well…

In N3 I can not access the stereo Versions of UAD plugins anymore

and so on. Oh my…

“Due to compatibility issues, when using SLI Mosaic mode the driver turns off the
Windows 7 Desktop Window Manager (DWM). As a result, DWM‐managed desktop
features such asWindows Aero orWindows Flip 3D will not be available.”

Do you have SLI Mosaïc Mode actived ?

Oh yea… where did you read that? I found that out by myself some hours ago…


Bad thing is - when disabling that Mode - nothing changes - those Aero-Things are remaining disabled …


I don’t know what to do… N3 does not work well here. I feel sad.

I did a complete fresh install, hoping that things are fixed then. But no.

Most of the UAD Plugins are not recognized - listed in the Plugin Manager but “not loadable”. Renders it quite useless for me…

The whole GUI looks bad - Aero-Stuff is working but N3 has most of the internal boxes/windows with a non Aero Frame/Bar - in an ugly blue - and quite big, using lots of space and the whole thing looks not very good cause that blue bites extremely with Nuendo… The Nuendo programe frame itself is Aero. But that would be not a showstopper.

But in addition to that I have quite a jumpy and nervous VST Performance meter, a heavy edited drumproject but without much plugins loads up to 15 % - I remember that this was almost zero earlier the day with the first install. But I installed all drivers and stuff again, I don’t know what is causing the difference now?