N5.5 Scrub

Using scrub in 5.5 and it glitches. Playing over audio there is digital glitching/clicking and this wasn’t the case with the previous version.
Still can’t use a trackball properly as we could in N4. The scrub is not as good and is a pain when dialogue editing. Thought it might be fixed as I have requested this several times. The fact that scrubbing stops when you stop turning the trackball is very annoying as we have to keep turning the trackball to keep playback. Bad for the wrists. Is this not important for anyone else?

Strange, I think it works very well…
There is an option/preference which can bypass plugins, and also a quality mode, have you tried that?
No matter, it isn’t normal that you get glitching and clicking.
What kind of controller are you using?

The fact that scrubbing stops when you stop turning the trackball is very annoying as we have to keep turning the trackball to keep playback.

Isn’t that normal while jogging?
Unless I got it wrong, but isn’t shuttle suppose to do that. (Playing back at a constant rate)

I got an MC transport here, and I must say that it works flawless.
(By which I don’t mean that you don’t have an issue …)


It works well here with the ID Console too.
The trackball doesn’t do the scrubbing though - that is the jog wheel here.
I have scrub quality at 100% but plugins whilst scrubbing are disabled.

The point is that we used to have continuous playback while scrubbing in N4. Spin the trackball and you had playback until such time you stopped the trackball and scrubbed with it. In N5 this just disappeared.
The second point is that I had glitch free scrub in N5.1 and now I don’t. I am not using any plugins and the template is basic.
I have a laptop with Core I5 processor and 6gb of ram. Scrub, shuttle whatever, I think it was spot on in N4.

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand how you are using a trackball for scrub.
It all works as it ought to here with the jog/shuttle wheel and scrub mode set to 100%.
The trackball simply moves the pointy cursor thingy…what am I not getting please?

Hmmmm… I think you had your trackball assigned to “shuttle” instead of to “jog”.
Since you haven’t answered on which controller that you are using, it can be either in the Key Commands or in the settings of your console/device.

The second point is that I had glitch free scrub in N5.1 and now I don’t. I am not using any plugins and the template is basic.

Again, that is strange, and it shouldn’t happen. Not seen this problem before.
But again, check your settings.

Scrub, shuttle whatever, I think it was spot on in N4.

With all due respect, and I most certainly don’t want to argue, but IMO all scrub/shuttle before N5 was absolute crap.
We use a variety of controllers here, from a Contour Shuttle Pro to an Euphonix MC Transport, and we can’t be happier with it.

Therefore I think something is wrong in your settings.
Which controller are you using? And how is it connected?


Forget it!

I don’t get it.
If you don’t want to tell us which controller you are using, how can you expect us to offer help?


from the site:

We have a prep room, a premix suite with 5.1 Genelec monitoring and HD projection, and a large Dolby approved 5.1 studio, with Euphonix System 5 MC mixing desk, HD projection, generous client seating with producer’s desk, and an ADR and Voice-Over booth attached.

Yes, for me the current version (5.5) is unusable, i´m working on dialogue-editing and i have the same problems like you. Scrubbing sounds like demadged files, clicks cracks distorted . you checked editor-window´s scrubtool ? the sound is clear und scrubtoolis working fine. I only have these problem in the arrange-window.

do you have a MacPro? Windows user have no Problems with scrubtools afaik

greetigs from Germany


Apparently a problem has been identidied; but it looks like it’s a Mac-only problem.
Are we talking about the same problem, or are you experiencing other problems?


I am using a PC. Windows 64 bit Intel Core I5 with 4gb RAM. WORKS FINE IN PREVIOUS VERSION 5.1? BUT NOT IN 5.5.
Scrub is unusable in this version.

I’m sorry, but we are running in circles …
You still haven’t answered which controller you are using.
Without this crucial information, it is impossible for anyone to offer help.


Having a quick read over this thread, and correct me if I’m wrong; but I believe that jumbuck are referring to either the lack of trim scrub or automatic scrub (scrub would start to play upon clicking on a clip continuously). This feature has been missing since Nuendo 4. Wether the Algorithm is better now is different point entirely. In Nuendo 4 we use to be able to handle out a clip whilst the scrub was selected and wind the clip - A handy feature for dialogue editing. Since the release of Nuendo 5 this feature has been missing, consequently we now use Nuendo 4 for editing dialogues & ADR.

Scrub. Scrub across a piece of audio and hear it as you do. Make an edit. Scrub across the edit to hear the edit.
I hear a noise on the audio track so I scrub across it to hear where the noise is. Go to to the start or the end of a piece of audio, wind it out or wind it in and hear the audio while performing this action. What is your definition of scrub?
I am using a Kensignton Trackball on one PC and a Euphonix System 5 MC with built in trackball on another.
I move the trackball back & forth and hear the audio track. If I use a mouse then I move the mouse back and forth across the audio to hear it. If you edit dialogue tracks then you will understand what I mean. Please don’t define N4 scrub as crap unless you use it in the way we do. We are a post production facility which does a lot of dialogue editing and the scrub feature was better in N4. If you don’t think so then at least let us choose instead of making the scrub in N5 behave in a totally different way.I have raised this issue several times and even sent an email to the guy who works on the scrub feature at Steinberg but have had no reply.

OK, let’s do a small test, so we are talking about the same thing.
Please right click on the transport bar and activate (visualize) the jog/scrub wheel.

The inner circle is the jog wheel. (I think the naming is incorrect, it should be “scrub”, since jogging is moving the cursor without playback) As long as you turn this wheel, you get playback; faster and/or slower depending on how fast you turn the wheel. Same as with the manual (mouse) scrub tool from the toolbox.

The outher circle is the Shuttle wheel. By moving the wheel, you get faster/slower continues playback (or reverse playback) of the audio.

What you are describing seems to be the “Shuttle” behaviour, which is exactly what our MC Transport does (outher ring).
So you shuttle across the audio to “detect” what you need, and scrub exatly to the frame accurate place to edit.
Both are complementary, and AFAIK most jog/shuttle transport commands work like that.

The Contour Shuttle Pro works excellent, in the exact same way. Inner ring is Scrub, outher ring is Shuttle.

And maybe the behaviour of the Steinberg CC121 is closer to what you need.
Pushing the “Jog” button (next to the AI knob) toggles the behaviour between jog, shuttle and jog.
When set to “shuttle”, moving the AI knob left or right activates continious playback without having to keep the knob at it’s place. So move the knob “violently” to the left, activates “fast” backwards playback, when turning the knob slowly, you get “slow” backwards playback.

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen Nuendo4 close up and personal, so please enlighten me what was different.
Again, for a good understanding, I am not trying to say that “all is fine”, I just try to understand what the issue is.
But i think it’s rather an “assignment/programming” problem than a genaral “scrub/shuttle” problem in Nuendo.

On your System 5 MC, does the (left) Jog/shuttle work correctly?
Your Kensington Trackball, is it communicating through the Nuendo Key Commands? And are the Shuttle KC’s assigned?


Hi Jumbuck,
I have a S5-MC too. On ours the jog wheel is the fixed one, not the addon to the trackball. I have used it with N5.5 recently to re-edit ADR, and if I recall correctly the “jog” function, that allows to scrub audio with the wheel, worked well.
Is the behaviour you are experiencing only linked to the controller (ie. S5-MC) or is it the same when scrubbing with the mouse/trackball only (scrub tool vs jog wheel)?

If this is an Euphonix controller issue, maybe it is as simple as downloading the latest official adapter from Steinberg.net?


What I need to do is a you tube video to demonstrate what I mean! In N4 I select to scrub tool, select some audio and spin the trackball to the right or left, taking my hand off the trackball to get playback at normal speed. If I leave my hand off the trackball playback continues until I touch the trackball at which time playback stops. If I hold the trackball and move it left or right I get scrub. Move the trackball gently and playback slows to allow me to find the bit I want.
What now happens in N5 is I have lost the ability to get continuous playback when selecting scrub and spinning the trackball left or right. To get continuous playback now I have to keep spinning the trackball left or right. I understand this is a shuttle process or I can select the audition tool but my point is that scrub in N4 allowed me to shuttle (at normal speed) and scrub within the same tool.
I guess what the difference now is that in N4 Scrub was “jog, shuttle, scrub” in one and now in N5 Scrub is “scrub”.
The original thread was that I am getting clicks when I use scrub in N5.5. They are digital clicks and I don’t get these in N5.1.
Small project, 8 tracks no plug ins, no eq. Video playing off different drive.
Laptop is Sony Vaio, Core I5 processor, 6gb RAM.

maybe an obvious question but do the clicks become less frequent (or disappear) at higher buffer settings?