N6: Mac success?

Hi there,

I’m a Nuendo/Cubase user in Mac for more than 7 years now and I’d like to know if anybody has a success history.

I use Nuendo for music production. It’s a different duty of most users use it, but it’s what I do for living.
Cubase 4, 5, 6 and 7 never worked pretty well in my systems. Nuendo 5.5 is the only one that kind-of-work, but it crashes 99% of time on quit. I contacted Steinberg several times, changed my WHOLE setup and the answer always was a cryptic “performance problem”.

I just wanna know if anybody doing my kind of work (big projects, more than 100 tracks, CPU over 60% always, ton of effects) has a success history with Nuendo and Mac Pro.

Thanks in advance.

I am having general success with projects around the dimensions you’re describing. Have only done a couple where processing is up that high.

Am not having the crash/quit problem at all.

This isn’t to say I don’t have issues with v6x. The various bugs and omissions (primarily the EuCon jog wheel zoom problem) have me climbing the walls.

There’s definitely some work to do here, but the problem you describe does not happen here.

Best of luck,


Chewy, thanks for answering. Can you describe your Mac, plz? 64b or 32b?

hi…i’m on mac pro 10.8.4 32 gigs of RAM and Nuendo 6 is working really well…
i posted a few feature requests and pointed out a few bugs but otherwise this is a really great and stable program for me.
you should upgrade to Mountain Lion because 10.6.8 is not supported anymore

all the best

Thanks for the report. Could you write your detailed specifications and model?

I have been a Nuendo user since 2007 (N4). Now I’m on N6.0.5+NEK, and I only use it to make music for picture. I’ve experienced many random occasions of crash on quit–especially on N5–before I switched to N6. There has been a huge success after the latest update, so much so that I don’t even remember the last time crash on quit happened. Please note that N6 is no longer officially supported on OS X 10.6.x (although it works), and therefor I switched to 10.8. At first I was very reluctant to switch to 10.8, but now I strongly suggest the combination of N6 and OS X 10.8. You didn’t say whether you use N6.

Most of my projects are around 90 minutes long, exceed 100 tracks, and with loads of effects, but since my Mac Pro’s CPU is faster, I’m not sure I have hit the 60% which you mentioned. And I put less VSTi load on my CPU simply because I have a slave PC handling the job connected via VE Pro.

Also note that I particularly reported the progress on the “crash on quit” issue which you asked for. There are of course other bugs and problems to deal with, but they would be off topic to mention here.


Thanks ipanema.

As long as I read, your setup is very close to mine (but the 12 cores, I have a 2008 8-core setup). Do you mind to tell me the plugins you use?

I use UAD, Waves, SoundToys, AudioDamage, Fabfilter and Kontakt (not in the current project).


I’ve got a 3,1 Harpertown 3.2MHz 2x4 with 16 G. SSD boot drive. 10.8.4.

I am currently running in 32 bit because of compatibility problems with UAD-2, iZotopeRX and Nuendo in 64 bit (64-bit didn’t crash Nuendo, but the trio of the above in 64 bit frequently made my UAD Satellite crash; since going back to 32 that doesn’t happen anymore).

For what it’s worth, I have really pared down my 3rd party plugins. At this point, I think I only have three-- the RX suite, UAD-2, and Native Instruments stuff. I’m very happy with my setup’s general stability, identified bugs notwithstanding.


You’re welcome Antonio.
In addition to Kontakt which appears to be used by almost everyone, my sound engineer who does my mixes prefers Waves, Fabfilter, SPL and a few others. However, I don’t know if the type of plugins we use could have anything to do with crash on quit issue, assuming you close the project beforehand.

The crash on quit issue has been around for a long time, but SB seem to have progressed a lot in rooting it out in their latest update. And as far as I can remember, it was/is primarily a Mac problem. Your Mac is just fine, by the way. You don’t need much more CPU power, if you have enough RAM. As some other users and I suggested before, try Mountain Lion and N6, even on an external HD partition.

Thanks to anybody for the answers, very useful.

I’ve just updated my forum signature to show my real setup (it was pretty outdated). I’m going to try something different to track my problem. Now, I’m using Mountain Lion, last version, etc.

I have a two disks Lacie external RAID system and it works great. Anybody knows any documented problem with it? Anybody has any problem with jBridge in Mac? Logitech mouse drivers? EuCon?

It seems like my setup is doomed, even with an almost whole new system!

Thanks again.

Antonio, I see you have a Novation product. Saw a post a week or so ago where someone suggested Automap might be causing crash problems, their suggestion was to uninstall and re-install. Might be worth a shot. john.

Thanks John for the advise!

I use Automap in a safe way, sending MIDI, so it’s not involved in anything inside Nuendo (it’s just a MIDI device).

As long as I see, most of crashes are interface-related (moving things, editing things, and so on). I wrote to Yamaha two days ago but I have no answer yet.



Do not write to Yamaha (you are wasting your time :/) - I have tried to write some requests to Central Europe contact without any luck (address is yahoo.com?! WTF…)

You have only two choices:

  • write to Timo directly via PM (very responsive and he is able to point you somewhere)

  • Or find local dealer help - in Czech Rep. there is company who was official support before Yamaha customer care switch and they are extremely helpful.

Good luck.


Two days, no answer :imp:

Spanish Yamaha service for Nuendo is TERRIBLE. Nice guy but he does not have a clue about Nuendo.


Is the main problem you are having the crash-on-quit? Or are there other problems?

I have a very similar setup except I don’t have N6 yet.

With N5.5 I have a bundle of minor graphics niggles - intermittent, just things like the wrong cursor showing when I go to trim or change volume on clips. Generally slow response of mouse clicks and moves. Very slow meter response, but this has been an issue for me for 10 years now so I don’t notice it any more!

I only mention it because I use a Logitech mouse, which may be responsible for some of this. It says a lot about the low level of irritation this causes that I haven;t got around to trying a different mouse for months!

I occasionally get a crash on quit, and very occasionally a crash, usually when applying Auto-tune to a clip.

I used to have an HDSPe system, now use FF800 - the change hasn’t appeared to cause any more or less problems.

N4.3 was the most stable one for me, if it wasn’t for the editing/audio quantising improvements in v5 I would have no reason to stay with it.

Hi David,

Thanks for answering. I have had all those issues in N5.5. I’ve just moved to N6 and it doesn’t crash on exit anymore. I like N5.5, but I hate the crashes on exit, so I’m trying to give N6 a chance (great new options, but the terrible new GUI).

I’ve traced these crashes:

  • Video service. Nuendo shows a message labeled “Video service is currently not responsive” and let you close it. You have to reastart to reactivate the video output.
  • Random crashes manipulating the GUI. Those are what bother me most. You are in the middle of something and you click on the GUI (maybe you open a channel strip, or move a plugin, or opening the preset list, etc) and the system closes Nuendo with and offers you and cryptic report.

Have you try to use your mouse without the Logictech driver? As long as I know, it uses to work fine (but the special buttons).


Hi Antonio,

I don’t use a video card myself, but I’ve come across posts stating issues with intensity cards. You might like to search for such posts and maybe find helpful points. However, I checked the Blackmagic website and there was a newly released driver. Check it out if you haven’t already. New drivers sometimes do miracles.

About those random crashes (and your video service issue), I can only guess you have a software/hardware incompatibility problem. If you still continue to encounter the same problems after updating all your hardware drivers to their latest version, one helpful way of trouble-shooting would be to dismount your extra hardware one by one and test your system.

I for one, am curious about trouble-shooting your system, as everything should theoretically work fine, so keep posting your progress.

Good luck.

Yes, I have the lastest drivers.

I’m stiil waiting for a human being response from Yamaha. Third day waiting. My guess is that I’m not going to have response any time soon.

I moved some contacts and they answered :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

Just to be clear: Timo is not a supporter!

Nuendo is supported by your local Yamaha company.

If they are having problems in finding the issue or solutions, they will get in contact with Steinberg.