Naming Tracks/Songs

How do you all come up with song titles? Do you have a thought or feeling in mind and then name it and begin writing the song? I’ll get a groove in my mind and then I’ll get it into Cubase and develop it. Eventually, I have to give it a name, and that believe it or not, is the hardest part of the process. At least for me, LOL.

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The way I choose my song titles is very simplistic. The name of a VSTi preset used in the piece is often the source of inspiration. If it suits the musical style, I don’t go any further, I either use it in its entirety or I embroider a title around this theme. For me this works very well.

For example, the title of my last piece was ‘Melodium’ at first, but I ended up choosing ‘Soul Train’ which is the Groove Agent preset in the ‘Funk Essentials’ library used in this piece. Honestly, it’s perfect.

Thanks, that’s an excellent idea. And your track is awesome, had be groovin!


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There are a couple of threads on the forum which discuss this in depth. It’d be worthwhile to search for those.

Spoiler Alert using the date is pretty popular.