Native Instruments Maschine templates for the MIDI Remote

Here’s a link to some templates inspired by and initially created for the YouTube Video: by Jef Gibbons: MIDI Remote Masterclass: Cubase 12 + Maschine. The ultimate setup! - YouTube

For Machine Plus, MK3 and MK2:


Hi, I have watched some of Jeffs stuff, all excellent work. I have not gone throught the entire vdeo as currently trying to get my X Touch working to my liking. Do you know if Jeffs templates will work with Maschine Studio? or perhpaps there is an easy edit so it open with Studio?

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Unfortunately not.

It’s theoretically possible to somewhat hack around in XML and JSON files, but it’s not easy and fraught with little things where the official software (NI Controller Editor and Cubase MIDI Remote respectively) find an inconsistency in the hacked template files and ignore them partly or fully.

In practice it’s quicker to create your own template by following Jef’s video.

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