Native modulation sources & assignable macros


Can we please have some method for modulating any parameter in a project or its VST plugins (including 3rd party) added in the next version of Cubase?

It seems like it really wouldn’t be too hard to implement & has been requested frequently over the years, not just by myself, but by many electronic music oriented musicians.

What we need are user shapable LFOs & tempo syncable envelopes, that can be assigned to modulate any parameter in a project that can be automated. The MIDI inserts are dated beyond belief & are reliant on plugins having MIDI inputs to be able to utilise them.

Can we please also have the quick controls updated to act like assignable macros within modern synths, so that they can be assigned to multiple parameters within a project, with the ability to set different mod depth for each parameter assigned.

These have been requested frequently as far as i can tell, going back to at least Cubase 8, perhaps even further back than that. In order for Cubase to even attempt to compete with the likes of Bitwig & Ableton, from an electronic producer’s standpoint, these features should be deemed essential. If they arent included by Cubase 12, i will be looking elsewhere for software that meets my needs

yeah it can push creativity higher! this feature is great for tweaking and playing in bitwig and ableton. waiting it in cubase/nuendo!

You could use voltage Modular as a VST host inside Cubase and then you can modulate your vsts with LFOs or whatever else you like.

Yes there is few workaround, CC from Melda is great to.
Have the possibility to insert them directly to midi insert would be nice too.

But with midi modulation work flow and “instantaneous” visibility it’s would be much easier to have dedicated midi macro features inside Cubase/Nuendo.