Nectar Panorama...update?

It has only been mentioned once, so I think a thread might be good. The Nectar Panorama series does not work with Cubase Pro 8, at least not yet.

Can anyone from Steinberg or elsewhere confirm that Nectar has the software and is working on an update?

This is the ONLY thing I can complain about at the moment, heh.


Have to keep bumping this thread.

Hopefully they have been working on it.

I have an email from Nektar [edited] …

“The current Cubase integration files will work in Cubase 8. However, in Windows the .dll files will need to manually placed in Cubase 8 ‘components’ folder, at least until we have a chance to build new installers.”

I haven’t updated yet so I haven’t tried Cubase 8 with my P6 (waiting till the weekend).


YES! It works! I don’t know if any of the integration has changed, but the primary functions work EXACTLY as needed.

I merely copied the single Panorama DLL over from my 7.5 Components folder to the Pro 8 Components folder.

Thanks bluzkat for that assist!

Glad to hear it!!

I had problems (Midi channels autopanning to the far left with P6) with Cubase 7.5, but by some mystical voodoo trick this has not yet happened with Cubase 8.

great news and I feel a little silly for not trying that in the first place.

Naah. The pan bug is still here. Well, at least it can be circumvented by setting Midi channel pan to C.

Indeed how to use the Panoramas with C8 is mentioned here:

I thought I’d give it a shot on this topic before posting a new one.

I just got the P4 and it seems to work ok with C8 but the faders and the motorised fader do not control the correct channels. For example , if I select a channel the motor fader moves , but it does not control anything. It seems that only a few tracks can be controlled but I can’t find what’s the pattern.

The difference is I am using C8 in OSX Macericks.

Has anyone got it working in OSX?


Have you hidden input channels on the MixConsole as detailed at the bottom of this page:

I’m on Win though, so can’t help say if it’s working for OSX.

Also working mine with a PC so may not be the answer. But make sure you don’t have more than one track with the same name. I had a few tracks called copy of audio 1 and this really confused my P6 and it would not follow the tracks.

On another point have you connected the 2nd usb as this is needed to power the motorised fader?

Hi guys thanks for the replies.

Yes, I have hidden the input channels. Also I have connected the second USB so it’s not that. The fader moves but it doesn’t control the right tracks.

Try using mixer 2, this seems to be the workaround suggested by them

No duplicate named tracks?

I found the team at Nektar support really helpful. They answered an email from me the same day. Maybe what you need to do next.

I will try using the Mixer 2 and see how it goes. Do they officially state they support C8?

I tried to contact them but I guess they are busy because they are in Namm :wink:

They expressed to me the desire to NOT break the integration with 7.5. It seems they could create a separate firmware update to support it. But I am no expert on that. I do hope they support it directly. I believe in moving forward even if it requires growing pains.

Does Steinberg work directly to help the Nektar folks? I know they have their own hardware but this works in their best interest as well.

Hi Jonsolo,

I think this is the same issue that I have, the Panorama doesn’t follow the tracks you’ve selected using the mouse or cursor key, instead you have to select the track manually and then use the ‘Track +’ and then the ‘Track -’ buttons on the Panorama for it to pick it up.

You can tell which bank of tracks the Panorama is following by the white blocks to the left of the track info in Cubase. I use Logic too and it works fine - you select a track and the bank follows accordingly, unfortunately not the case in Cubase. Oddly, the Eq’s etc do follow the selected tracks.

So I’ve spent many a time adjusting the fader on the P6 to find I’m not controlling anything! :slight_smile:

I hope this is helpful.


I’ve not had any issue getting my Panorama to follow tracks selected via the mouse.

Sometimes if I jump to another bank i’ll have to press the track +/- buttons to regain fader control, but usually it’s fine.

I don’t know I have been using the Panorama for about two weeks now. I still cannot justify the extra effort needed to run this thing. I have found I spend more time wondering why the fader is not following my channel selection in Cubase than actually mixing.

In comparison my CC121 I use without even thinking about it.

Still in search for the best controller for Cubase. I will seriously consider the Behringer X-Touch when it comes out. But I would be really glad if Yamaha came out with an 8fader controller dedicated for Cubase…