Negative Track Delay seems broken

(EDIT This is in Rosetta mode. In Native mode it’s not as bad, but still there).

So it seems that using negative Track delay is very broken when playing fast passages.
The more negative track delay, the worse it gets!!

Check my video.
It’s very easy to reproduce:

  • Create an instrument track.
  • add a midi passage with 16th notes.
  • Play back to hear correct playback
  • add a negative track delay (the bigger the bigger the issue)
  • Play back to hear uneven playback.

This post adresses the same issue but with CC (and with Vienna Ensemble Pro), so it’s less clear that it’s actually broken: Negative Track Delay with VE Pro Sameple Cutoff

I’m using Nuendo, but I hope the issue will get more attention if I post here in the Cubase category, and I’m curious if the issue is the same in Cubase.

Okay so just tried Nuendo in Native mode. (was running Rosetta before)
The good news is that it’s definitely not as bad, and the playback is almost usable also with -330ms track delay.
The bad news is it still there, and the higher you go, for instance -475ms makes it unusable.

The tempo of the session also have a big impact how bad the issue is.
So 16th notes in 90bpm is not as bad as 8th notes in 180bpm.

This issue here is a critical issue for game and media composers, and needs to be fixed in the next update.

And no, it’s still there in native mode, and it’s there on Intel (my other machine), reproducable on every machine I’ve tested, and has been for god knows how long. Which means: that the only option we have is simply composing something else, because there is no time fiddling manually with moving around notes, and then having to clean it up before the scoring session.

Why doesn’t Steinberg have a proper bug reporting system? Fix this.

Nuendo 13.0.20.

This has been very disappointing.
Seems like media composers are not a focus for Steinberg, when you look at version 13, bug fixes etc. Also considering how little love Expression maps is given.

I’m on my way to move to Reaper now as it’s more flexible and some core functions just works in that, like negative track delay.

I’ve also considered Reaper, the issue is the video handling which is not on par with Pro Tools or Nuendo.

I also think it’s weird. There is no other reason for running Cubase than using it for media production.

Hmm, I think there’s lots to love about Nuendo/Cubase. One of my favourite things is the LE/PLE script possibilities which can create an amazing MIDI editing workflow.

But there’s still a whole bunch of workflows I can’t make work (because of the lack of UI elements not being available and there’s no SDK for other programs to tap in to), where with reaper you can build and automate any workflow up from the ground. It can be a time consumer thing, but at least it doesn’t limit where you can go with the program.

I’ve also considered Reaper, the issue is the video handling which is not on par with Pro Tools or Nuendo.

I’m not sure what you mean with Reapers Video handling. You can have as many videos as you want (on any track) and cut them etc.
One thing there is to love about reapers video side is that you can export a video in any quality wanted and it’s so much faster than in any other daw.

With Cubendo 13 we finally got .h264 encoding, but the files are still much bigger then they need to be.

I can’t seem to reproduce this problem, myself.
Using Cubase 13 pro, latest release on Win 11.
I set the BPM to 120 and negative track delay to -250 ms and after 96 16th notes, I’m still exactly (less than 0.1 ms) on the intended beat when I render in place and look at the waveforms zoomed in and compared to a track rendered with delay set to 0 ms.
I’m using a drum hit from SF Hammers and the only difference I can see is that there are different round robin samples used between the tracks, as expected.
Perhaps this has been fixed?

But, I too lament the lack of love for Expression maps. I was so hoping that they wound allow for different delays for different articulations in the maps.

Great if they improved it. It wasn’t that the notes would fall behind, they would just be all over the place and very not tight.
Nuendo 13 would barely run on the project I was working on when it came out. So never got to test it further. It was a bit the last drop so now I switched to reaper :skull: