Nektar Panorma Control Surface (Any Users) ?


Anyone using the Nektar Panorama Control Surface with Cubase 7 ?

I’m interested in the Nektar Panorama P-1 Desktop version
The Panorama It is compatible with Cubase 7, and Reason 7. So I would guess it is a great Control Surface if you use either Cubase 7 or Reason 7 or both.

Any feedback on this would be helpful.


I have to say that is a nice looking controller.

I have the p6 and use it with Cubase. I have been beta testing for neils (their product manager) since they announced it. It has really been awesome. It has tight integration, amd the motorized fader is icing on the cake. He is taking requests right now from us beta testers on what 3rd party plugs to control. The list is looking great.

I truly must not understand modern e commerce. The first thing I’d like to know is a price ,even approx. Nice site however after 4 clicks and still no info, thats all for me.

I know, its just me .I don’t get it. Price should be om front page AFAIC

Panorama price is 299$.

It looks nice but those 45mm not motorized faders are useless for me.

So, the P4 and P6 have motorized faders, but not the P1 ?

How important are motorized faders, and are the motorized faders in the P4 & P6 quiet, smooth, and very responsive ?

I would rather have a desktop unit, since I don’t need another keyboard controller, and space is always an important factor. I wonder why the P1 doesn’t offer motorized faders (if it doesn’t) ?

What about support for other DAWs in the future ? i.e. Studio One Pro, Samplitude Pro X , Live, …etc.

Honestly, I wish Steinberg would offer a new Control Surface, with 8 faders, that looks professional, and is solid built. Something like the next step up from the C-121. I’m not a fan of the CMC series.



Come on Steinberg… You can do it, let’s see the new CC-828 :slight_smile:

Yes I also have a CC-121 and I am not very happy with it to be honest: the only fader is not very precise and it does not look very solid, the “intelligent” knob just works with SB plugins (which I don’t use, having better 3rd party plugins), only 4 assignable buttons…at the end of the day I use it for the eq section and things like start/stop/next marker/…

That’s not very good.

Looks like Steinberg needs to shape up quite a bit, and offer a solid-built, high-quality and responsive multi-fader control surface for Cubase/Nuendo, their plug-ins, and third party plug-ins as well, plus offer support for other DAWs if possible. i.e. Reason 7 would be a good start. But so far they have not delivered this.

Well… You can always consider the Nektar Panorama line, or their CMC controllers.

Are the CMC controllers popular these days, I rarely see them in studio pics, or being praised in forums ?

Anyway, I’m not interested in these toylike CMC controllers. They might be good, but they just didn’t click with my taste, and I’m guessing they are only good for controlling Cubase.

20K Euros for a control surface ? I could setup a complete studio for that amount :unamused:

The Nuage is more suited for large scale post-production firms, that can afford it. Not a project studio person, who just needs a good quality control surface to get his/her production workflow speeded up, and tweak stuff via knobs and faders.

Surely, a control surface within 2K Euros/$ might be more realistic, provided it is solid-built, flexible, responsive, and works like a charm ! But sadly… it doesn’t exist, if it did, I wouldn’t bother considering something like the Panorama, or other so/so options.

Maybe Steinberg is already working on something, and will surprise us in the near future. (just being a bit optimistic).

wait, wait, wait, look at this

Hi all,

This is Tim Chandler the Product Manager with Nektar Technology. Niels is the CEO by the way (we are a small company, and all product guys in truth!).

It’s great to see interest in the Panorama series on here! I just wanted to answer a few questions in this thread, feel free to ask more…

MAP Pricing (US$):
P1: $299
P4: $499
P6: $599

RRP Pricing (EUR):
P1: 269€
P4: 399€
P6: 479€

Feature-wise, the P1 has the same navigation capabilities as the P4/P6, but you ofcourse lose the keyboard, pads and motorized-fader section. Although not motorized, the bank of 9 faders respond to feedback from Cubase. Should the faders be out of position, the graphic display shows the Cubase value graphically, and output from the fader is muted until you pass through the Cubase value. So you don’t get any parameter jumps.

Hi Tim,

any chance to have something like the P1 but with motorized faders (possibly 100mm)?


I knew that would be the first question! :wink:

Well the motorized fader part on the P4/P6 is 100mm ALPS and high quality. It offers high-resolution control over the selected tracks volume in Cubase. We spent a good deal of time sourcing this part as poor quality motorized faders are noisy and distracting.

Can we put 8 of these ALPs faders into a product? Possibly, but it would be a very different product to the P1 as these ALPs faders require a lot of power and significantly more cost. The P1 is designed to give you a simple, portable, cost effective solution to navigation and detailed DAW/plugin control - ultimately speeding up workflow.

I can’t talk too much about product plans on a public forum ofcourse, but we do take feature requests like this into consideration when we come to discuss future products.

Hello Tim,

Thanks for dropping by the Steinberg Forum, and for your helpful feedback.

Q. Will the Panorama line support additional popular DAWs in the future ? i.e. Studio One Pro, Live, Samplitude, Logic Pro, …etc. ?


How important it is to have Cubase’s mixing console’s faders to follow automation? That’s how important motorized faders are.

If you are looking something around the same price as Panorama, I would rather recommend Icon iControls Pro, instead. You may even be happy with Behringer BCF2000, but it doesn’t have touch-sensitive faders, which some people consider to be a show stopper.

Another good question we get asked frequently!

The answer is yes, ofcourse! We are looking at several others currently and we want to support as many DAWs as we can to the same level of integration we currently provide for Cubase and Reason users. If we can do it we will. However, it’s a big task to support a DAW as deep as we have.

For example, we released the Panorama line with deep integration for Reason and everyone thought of it as a dedicated Reason controller. When we came to support Cubase we added new graphics to the display, new firmware, driver updates some additional protocol stuff… Specifically focused on Cubase. Each DAW is effectively a new product development cycle because you have to consider each DAW and workflow individually.

That being said, we have provided some powerful MIDI and QWERTY tools and 90+ assignable controls so you can easily customize integration to your own particular workflow in any DAW using the internal memories of Panorama.

There are also presets for Live, Pro Tools, MainStage and Logic currently on our website plus FL Studio has some support built in. This support is good and gives you some out of the box control, but not to the the level of detail as we have developed for Cubase and Reason. So we don’t really shout about it!

absolutely right! I don’t really understand how it is possible to use control surfaces without motorized faders, it’s my limit…

I am really digging it…I can tell you that. Also, the support has been outstanding. The guys have been responsive with plug requests as well. I asked for Dune and Nexus…next beta release BAM…there they are. I wish all the companies I dealt with were as fast. Cudos Nektar.

That’s Great !

Which Panorama model are you using ? P1 or P4/P6 ?